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One in five women will develop a UTI during her life. But what are UTIs? and what causes this type of infection?...
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I had a UTI which has now cleared up but I still have the symptoms of when I had it - urge to go and frequent urinating.

I have tried taking a pill called Vesicare which my doctor prescribed me because he thinks (isn't entirely sure) I've got an irritated bladder from having the UTI but I haven't noticed any improvements when taking these. I still had to get up in the night and go for a wee every couple of hours or so.

I've had a thyroid check for ADH and diabetes and these came back ok. I've also had an ultrasound but I've got to wait for at least six weeks for the results of this and seriously can't wait for that long just to get results.

I've had this problem for three weeks now maybe nearly four and just want to be rid of it or at least ease the symptoms.

Is there any tests that may help find out what is wrong with my bladder and what sort of things may cause this sort of problem apart from a UTI which has now cleared up?

Is there any treatments that you would recommend for this sort of thing?

I've also got a rash that is on my chest. They are small to medium sized, beige/salmon coloured, sausage/oval shaped. I also had some down below where my legs are (in between them). I had this rash before (in May of this year) but it went away and now it has returned. It don't think it's the antibiotics as I hadn't had them when I'd got this rash before.

Thanks for any advice you can give. Smile
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replied September 24th, 2008
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Went back to doc today. He said he doesn't know exactly what is wrong and says it's just something that may go on its own? He is making me wait for a month = a long time to wait when my bladder keeps me awake all night. Sad He apparently said that if it hasn't gone within a month then I'll have to see a urogynaecologist. Why hasn't he just referred me today? What is the point in waiting when it probably won't go as I've already had it for 3+ weeks?

Anybody got any advice, I would certainly be grateful for any help on this. Smile
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replied November 10th, 2008
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I have same bladder problem and was also told that it might go on it's own. I doubt this though as I have been tackling this problem for the past four years. I had cystitis which my doctor thinks triggered it. I don't have diabetes or an infection, and my blood test was normal last time I was tested.

Have you tried bladder training? I was prescribed vesicare and also given bladder training exercises (although I could never get the hang of them). It could possibly be related to overactive bladder (I was diagnosed with that two years ago), if you do have overactive bladder, try pelvic floor exercises, they help increase your control over your bladder muscles and some people find they help.
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replied November 11th, 2008
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Hi, GreyWolf and thanks for your help and advice. Smile

My bladder problem still persists and I actually went to another different doctor in the same practice and asked to be referred to a urogynaecologist.

I have tried Vesicare too at the highest dose but to little or no effect unfortunately. I also tried bladder retraining but my bladder just isn't responding. I don't feel it's completely my bladder as I'm passing more out than I am drinking which to me seems odd and to do maybe with my kidneys but I'm not entirely sure. The other thing I have thought of is something maybe pressing on my actual bladder which would make a lot of sense in that nothing so far has been working.

I'm not leaking, I've just got excessive frequency and 'urge'/full bladder feelings that are very irritating and last throughout the day and night.

I'm going about 5-6 times a night which I know isn't normal. I used to only have to get up once in the middle of the night for the toilet but now I'm just so tired from having such a disturbed sleep.

My urogynaecologist has ordered a urodynamics test but nothing else as of currently and it's such a wait and is frustrating when I can't get any sleep. I just want to be normal again so I can sleep.

I'm not entirely sure what this urodynamics test will consist of as I thought it was more for incontinence than frequency/full bladder 'urges'?
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replied November 11th, 2008
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Have you tried oxybutinin? If you did, did you find it made any difference?
I've found it makes it worse for me, but it affects different people in different ways, so I've stopped taking it because it is causing my bladder to go haywire, I can't pee properly at the moment, having problems emptying my bladder and can't empty it completely which causes burning and irritation.

Hmm yeah I couldnt get the hang of bladder training, maybe it would help if I could, but the thing is because I don't know if I do actually need to go or not, I have to go anyway in case I do actually need to go. Also the feeling gets so uncomfortable that I can't bear it any longer and have to go, and then I've broken the cycle and have to start again Mad

Yeah vesicare didn't really give me much relief either. Some days I noticed a slight improvement but other days not. Again that could be because I couldnt do the bladder training.

I think urodynamics tests the pressure and capacity of your bladder. If it's the one I'm thinking of (I've never had one done) then they fill your bladder with fluid and record the point at which you start to feel very uncomfortable. I think that the bladder is designed to contract automatically once it is too full, and they record how full it is when this happens (I think).
Again don't take my word for this because I'm not sure, it could be a different test.
There is another one where they knock you out for it, and fill your bladder with something, but I'm not sure what that test is for. They can also monitor how much urine your kidneys are producing, I'm not entirely sure how they do this though to be honest.

I completely understand how frustrated you feel. Most of the time with me it is just the feeling that I need to go when I don't, so most of the time I can ignore it until I go to sleep but yeah when it is really bad I have to get up once or twice a night to go, even though most times my bladder isn't full, I agree it is very uncomfortable and frustrating! It sounds to me like mine isn't as severe but if it is any consolation, I am sick and tired too!

How long do you say you have been suffering from this? Do you also get the feeling that you need to go but when you do your bladder is empty?

I find that sometimes drinking cranberry juice twice a day can make it slightly easier to cope with.
Also have you changed your diet recently? Do you drink fizzy drinks?
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replied November 12th, 2008
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Hi, GreyWolf. Smile

I haven't tried Oxybutinin. I have heard of it though but never been prescribed it. Sometimes it is possible for these sorts of medications to have adverse effects on the bladder, depending what is actually causing the bladder problem. Maybe your bladder problem isn't one that the Oxybutinin is prescribed for. I have heard that these sorts of medications can cause slight urinary retention where the bladder may not be able to empty completely due to the medication's effects on the bladder muscles/nerves.

I've, as I said before, like you, have tried the bladder training and just can't get my bladder to do as it's told sort of thing. I also have the problem of not exactly knowing whether I need to go or not as the 'urge'/full bladder sensations give me a false impression that I need to go but when I go I don't pass much sometimes but usually I am passing too much rather than the amount that I am drinking. I just kind of guess when I think my bladder is getting full and to go by looking at the clock and working it out.

I had the same sort of things happen when I was on the Vesicare. Some days I actually had my hopes up and thought I was beginning to actually get better and then the next day it'd be back to square one! When I went onto the highest dose I could possibly have I noticed that when I went it took me ages to actually pass water as it kind of gave me retention like symptoms where I had difficulty passing water so I then decided to come off them. Since I've come off them that problem of difficulty passing water has gone, it went almost instantly as soon as I came off them.

I've had a look on the 'net and you are correct about the urodynamics test. I'm not looking forward to it as it sounds a bit painful, certainly uncomfortable as they have to put three pipes in! I hope they numb it or something before inserting the pipes.

The one where you said they knock you out sounds to me like an instillation where they fill the bladder up with special stuff to soothe the bladder and irritation. It could also be the one where they fill the bladder up to max size to try and enable it to be able to hold more urine inside.

I'm not sure on the kidney one. They did a blood test to check my kidney function but I'm not sure if that is actually that one.

I've gone back to my doctor and can't get any other type of medication as he wants to know what it is going on first and to get my urodynamics over with first as apparently certain medications can effect the urodynamics test.

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I notice it more at night as it gets so painful and I just have to get up to relieve the pain. My doctor still wonders if it's endometriosis but he's not certain.

I started suffering on and off - every couple of days then it went again to normal - since May but since the end of August it then included the 'urge'/full bladder sensations rather than just frequency on its own and became constant and has never gone away since then.

I have had that feeling that I need to go but when I do go I do sometimes have not much coming out or I have to strain to pass it because I think I'm full but I'm not and it confuses me.

I haven't done anything much to change my diet apart from not drinking caffein containing products i.e. tea, coffee, chocolate. I also don't drink fizzy drinks anymore as I've also read that these can make irritable bladder worse.

I think I may try going back on my Cranberry juice as it could also prevent infection.

Thanks for your help and advice, GreyWolf and I hope you start to feel better soon. Smile
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replied December 23rd, 2008
I've been suffering with a UTI for nearly a month now and been on 3 different antibiotics. The last lot of antibiotics trimethoprin (2 week course) worked the best and symptoms were reduced but had asked to be referred by my GP to private hospital because I knew it would come back again. Some days i'm fine, others its back to UTI hell.

Private doctor has checked me over, I don't have diabetes or any other illnesses and he thinks that the UTI has actually cleared up but is leaving an irritation which is making me still want to go but appartently this will fade through time.

I am due to have ultrasound tomorrow which will look at my urinary tubes, kidneys etc to check for any obstruction. Dr said if i'm still having problems when I return to see him, there is a pill he can give me. He didn't say what it was but will let you know how I get on and what it's called depending if I need it.

replied December 23rd, 2008
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Best of luck with your ultrasound. I hope you don't have an obstruction also known as UPJ or UVJ depending on the location of the obstruction.

Keep us posted.
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replied December 25th, 2008
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Hi, both. Smile

Thanks for both of your helpful and informative posts, sharing your experiences.

I've had my ultrasound and am now awaiting the results of it. I'm not sure how long I've got to wait as I'm a UK patient on the NHS waiting list.

I too had trimethroprin for 3 days over the weekend in late August for my UTI and it did clear the infection up but not any of the symptoms.

I had loads of different antibiotics prescribed by the GPs as they didn't know why I still had the symptoms even though the first lot of antibiotics cleared it up.

My symptoms persisted so I was referred to a urogynaecologist to have some tests.

I've had regular urine dip stick tests just to check for any recurring infection. They have come clear on the dip stick.

I've noticed that I am getting regular right side abdominal pain near where my groin is. Sometimes it's sharp like pain and others it's dull cramp like pain.

I've also noticed it hurts like sharp and also sometimes dull when I have a wee too. It doesn't sting on the urethra, just hurts internally where my right abdominal meets my groin area.

I have heard that some infections but not always leave some form of scar tissue and/or inflammation which can cause the symptoms of frequency and full bladder sensation. Hopefully you won't have any obstruction. I don't think it's that common but I'm not sure.

I think they have found out what may be happening with my bladder after having the urodynamics test - It's not emtying fully so it's leaving a small amount in everytime I go which is probably what lead me to infection. My infection strain was the Staph B strain.

I'm not sure on the results of my ultrasound as I'm still awaiting them.

I would be interested to see what pill that is that he/she may prescribe as it'd give me some sort of idea on the treatment I may be able to have. Hope fully I don't have an obstruction, probably not but I don't know.

Good luck to both of you and I'll keep you both posted on what happens.

Kind regards

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replied June 7th, 2009
I am not sure if this will be of some help, but I have a few suggestions to make mention of....I never had an issue down there until I had my first born, get this, I got tested during labour for any infection down there, NONE! Then I mean directly after I had her, like probably two hours after the initial test, I had a infection in my urine. So fun fun, I had the antibiotic Keflex had a HUGE reaction to it, then another one, made my have whicked headaches, then another one, which made me unable to urinate at ALL, FUN FUN....ya I think the sarcasim is laid on heee, anyhow, then had another one, which did NOTHING, then a yeast infection, lovely, uti lightened up, then another yeast infection and uti irritated again, then finally Bixan which worked great, all signs gone, all infection gone, wonderful.......then I got a yeast infection, and A BAD ONE! Then got it under control, and FIXED, then low and be-hold seven years later, I go swimming and into a hot tub, PUBLIC one, and yes you guessed it NASTY NASTY uti some what, frequency and feeling like the full bladder irritated feeling and burning over-all in my uthera (spelling) So I go to the dr. and decided to try natural so got into the cranberry KICK, and the 100% kind you have to dilute, great work! Then I started to drink it on a regular bases, this year, started pounding it back to me when I went swimming again, and WOW, I got a uti, well not really in the whole sense, the dip-stick showed some white blood cell count higher, however when sent away the urine grew I did the antiobiotics like suggested, and WOW took a GENERIC form of Biaxan and let me TELL YOU had a wonderful trip on that stuff! NEVER AGAIN! So irritation and just going out of my mind, then I get a YEAST Infection WONDERFUL, and I was fit to be tied, so I called my dr up who I had seen me during both my pregancys and I spoke to her, so here it what she had to say and it made sense....>YEAST can MIMIC UTI signs, and also CRANBERRY juice can be VERY IRRITATING to some people, and apple lemons pretty much any form of juice, can be MOST irritating to some people and their bladders. Also after have a infection like after my daughter which I had like I don't remeber how many different types of bacteria I had, but it was all sorts of nasties in there, and I had it for almost three months off and on and off again with yeast as well! Apparently this can leave your bladder for lack of a better way she explained scared, just like on the outside of your body, and can easily be irritates by certain juices and foods, everything you eat it kick out through your kidneys, so makes sense.......also I changed my soap, and I remembered very clearly getting it in the wrong places and BURNING, and then I got this lovely issue........she also made mention as we grow older, I am 34 now, that we become less tolerable to soaps, parfumes, dedoderant, shampoos etc.....which I can't even wear half of the arm deoderant I use to I break out in a rash. We just become more I STRESS this to you, you may find that it is your EATING habbits and DRINKING habbits, and I know this isn't what you wanna hear, and believe I know how maddening it can be, but your Dr. is right, because mine did sub-side almost 3 to 4 weeks after my antibiotics was finished. Oh and another thing KEEP your FEET and kidney area on your back WARM, it is a MUST! Remember Mom and Dad always saying WHERE IS your SLIPPERS, your going to get your kidney's hurting......hence the having to pee when you get cold......I truly truly recommend you honestly avoid this......and it worked for me, first eliminate almost everything from your diet start fresh after consuming like 2 liters of water the day before to have flushed your system......then keep a food log and drink log. You will notice a difference, and cranberry also had high amount of oxelates (spelling again) but can actually cause kidney stones and frequency, TRUST ME......and if it is actually irritates the bladder, well look out the BURNING will send you. Avoid oranges, apple, blueberrys, most fruits are acid based, stay away from CIRTUS, although myself included lemon alkalizes your urine and for me does wonders, but for alot can cause OUCHS.......touch and go. This is very common, my Mother could never tolerate juice and orange, wow to this day she gets HUGE hives and nasty bladder reactions, like she would have to pee every 10-20 minutes after consuming. I also know this, my peditrician says to AVOID fruit juices when toilet training because they agrevate the untrained bladder and it is almost impossible to control urination times when comsuming, so, what does that tell you. I dunno, give it a whirl, but DIET DIET plays a HUGE PART. I am so sorry for writing so much, but I know I feel for you! Let me know how it works out.
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replied February 15th, 2010
DS you have described word by word to what I am suffering with right now.
How are things now as I see this is an old post.
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replied February 19th, 2010
RE: Don't know what I have
Can someone pls tell me what i Have. I had a UTI last september and ever since then my bladder gets this twitch on the inside if that makes sense and is not comfortable and goes right through to my urethra. I notice that when I alkalize my body immediately it is relieved. I don't think its interstitial cystitis as there is no pain. And the irriation is worse near my period. Pls can someone help. Also I have times when I feel like dying and then I am on top of the world with so much energy. And this is all since my UTI 6 months ago.
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replied March 1st, 2010
UTI too
All of these posts are so similar to what I have been experiencing. I had my first ever UTI last October and ever since then have had, at worst, recurrent infections and at best, a constant feeling of needing to pee and irritation. Have also felt quite sick/upset when irritation is at it's worst as if my body is contracting downwards towards my bladder. I have my first urology appointment this week. I think these problems are quite common especially in women with kids (I've 2 - youngest 18 months) Hang in there - I have in the past been very prone to anxiety and worrying but am trying very hard not to let this get me down - we are not alone!
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replied December 19th, 2012
Hi, I have just read your post and wonderd what the out come was?.
I would be interested to know as I have had the same sort of thing. I had a uti in June this year and my bladder has been irritated ever since with reacurrent uti s , I am seeing an urologist, who put me on a 3 month course of antibiotics but had a break through of a uti 1 month in, he has now suggest I have the bladder wash so I am waiting for an appointment for that.
I have two children and find this so hard to live with.
If you could give me some advice I would be very gteatful.
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replied March 9th, 2010
Is there a cure for this bladder issue?
Did anyone here have a doctor who actually cured you of your symptoms? I've been researching this urinary problem because I've been dealing with this issue for about 7 years now. My doctor and gynecologist are CLUELESS! They have both said my urine is clean, but neither of them know why I have 'accidents' and can't empty my bladder. Talk about a decline in the quality of everyday life. What kind of medication actually works????
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replied June 26th, 2010
Hi, I have almost exactly the same symptoms as most of you have mentioned- Bainhe- how did your appointment go? Wondering what the outcome was for you? I too, have 2 kids, youngest 18 months old, and have been having these issues ever since a UTI last year. Apparently I dont have infection now, (each time I go to the dr. to get tested)- its just "irritation" I keep being told. So I would be very interested to hear how others have gone with these issues, and if any of you have been able to overcome them, and how?

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replied June 29th, 2010
Hi there you both (razza and peeproblem),
you have the same symptoms and the same problems I have been suffering for 18 years since I was 20.
Who better than me can understand and feel what you're experiencing?
You have recurrent cystitis due also to the pelvic contraction of your muscles around.
If you took antibiotics during these years as I did they only contributed to ruin or to to damage your vaginal order and this information was given to me when I first assumed a natural product made of D-Mannose and Noni called AUSILIUM distributed in England. Now my burning has completeley disappeared.
I hope you might use it because it's worthwhile.
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replied July 30th, 2010
bladder pain
Has anyone tested you for kidney stones? I had what I thought must be a bladder infection for about 4 months before anyone bothered to xray my abdomen. that is when they discovered a stone that was lodged in my right distal ureter. Doctors do not seem to equate bladder pain with kidney stones, but they can be directly related.
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replied March 17th, 2011
Wow! I never imagined I would be writing in a forum like this, because I've never been one to have any ailments. But, my problem started around the first week of November of last year. I became aware of a very slight burning wasn't terrible, but, it was there. So, I went to my Gyno, he treated me for what he thought was a yeast infection, he gave me diflucan and then sent me on my way home. Several days later I get a call from the basic culture the gyno's office does...and they said it looked like I may have gardnerella but that they cant tell if it was the tail end or beginning of the infection. In anycase, later the following week, the doctor prescribed metro-gel for it and sent me on my way back home.---2 to 3 weeks later I started becoming very aware of a strange twicthing in my bladder it happened slowly. Gradually my urge to urinate increased. Then Viola...I was running to the bathroom what felt like every hour only to find it was a teeny tiny weak stream of pee. To a couple of drops. I went to CVS bought AZO strips and it tested positive for leuckocytes. The next day I went to my Gyno...and here's where the problems get sloppy.
First the nurse has me do a "clean catch" they tested it with their own dipsticks and confirmed I has UTI. The nurse tested positive for all markers. Soooo the doctor prescribed Bactrim which only made me feel nausea..and after i completed all the still didnt work. So then they gave me ciproflaxin. And then that didn't work. I was back in their office and they did a new routine gyno pap. And prescibed Metronidazole. That didnt work. So...I asked the gynos office...what were the results of my urine culture? What infection are we treating here?????
WELLLLL, they stammered, and finally admitted they didn't send out my urine for a urine culture!!! Imagine that!!!!! So now, what ever infection we were dealing with...was still with me however, if a new culture was done...a clean reading would come back because the antibiotics were suppressing it. I then went to a Uro-gynocologist...very pleasant but I was also very disillusioned with her. The one thing I appreciated however, was that she actually had me tested for Chlamydia/Gonorreah a (swab test) which my gynocologist never ever suggested. It seems this std mimics UTI's. In anycase..those results came back negative. To which i was relieved. But still I was dealing with all this burning and frequent urge to urinate. She also tried to tell me she believed I may have vulvodynia and wanted me to go see a pain managment doctor. Can you believe that? She then prescribed Ceflex.
At this point I was miserable as can be. Went to another doctor who gave me azythromycin . After i completed all the meds. I went ahead and bought Monistat because I was burning so bad...and I wasn't even sure if it was because of my uretha...infection or what.
After 7 days of using monistat..the burning went away! But, the symptom to urinate frequently persisted. I decided to go to a new urologist. And we started from ground zero. He wanted to wait 3 weeks before he did any kind of urine analysis because I had taken so many antibiotics and this would result in false negative readings if in fact I has an infection. Well, I appreciated that he tested for everything...urine analysis, urine culture to test for cancer cells, infection and blood. He also had me do a sonogram and a ct scan. If my first doctor had just so much as sent my urine out for a urine culture...we would have known what we were dealing with.

Anyway, all my results came back negative. He says he suspects whatever infection I had whas finally erradicated however, some experience irritated bladders as a post result from
UTI's. He has prescribed vesicare because of the tenderness and feeling in my bladder that I constantly have to go.

I just want to feel normal again...
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replied March 28th, 2011
Ok so no one knows exactly how to get that feeling of constantly needing to pee to go away?

Had an bladder infection about a month ago.. Got rid of it completely last week, but I constantly feel the need to pee!!

It is really ruining my sexlife as I fear I might urinate all over the place.. And considering me and my boyfriend aren't really into the golden shower thing.. It really bugs me!

I keep reading what doctors describe you.. can anyone reply if what they were described with worked in the end?
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replied May 7th, 2011
IC and Elmiron
I was diagnosed with IC (intersitial cystitis) and prescibed Elmiron. It can take up to 6-12 months for it to work, but it did work for me.

After a couple of years I quit taking the Elmiron, as I was told it may not be neccesary to take it forever. I was good for 2-3 years after quitting the Elmiron, but unfortunately the IC has returned.

I have tried another medication, as Elmiron is very expensive and has a rigid schedule. Other medications have not worked for me, so I plan to return to the Elmiron.

Previously I had not experienced the pain associated with IC; however, I now I find I am experiencing the adominal pain.

The testing for IC was done by a Urologist with some kind of potassium solution (I think) and a non-irritating substance. It was a blind test to see if I would react or experience any difference between the two. That was how they diagnosed the IC.

Previous to being diagnosed with IC I was test for numerous conditions and even had a minor day surgery. I was beginning to think it was all in my head, so realizing I wasn't going crazy was a major relief.

I wish all of you good luck as I know exactly what you are experiencing.
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replied November 7th, 2011
I'm 70, have had a prolapse for years and am having all the same symptoms as everyone else. A persistent UTI, 3 lots of antibiotics and I still have the urge to go when I know I don't need to. I'm now on oxybutynin (3 a day) but as with all the other pills they work to start with then I'm back to the urges again. Up until this UTI hit me I was taking Waterfall D Mannose regularly and the gaps between attacks got longer and longer. Then I got complacent and kept forgetting to take the maintenance doses, hence the UTI. My doc says there is now no infection which is good but when is this urge going to disappear?
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