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irregular period, how do I know if I'm pregnant?

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I've never had a regular period and I don't even know when my last period was. I remember it being unusually light though and only lasting a couple of days.

I had sex for the first time on Friday with no protection. According to him he didn't "burst" inside of me, or at all. I decided to take Plan B a.k.a the Morning After pill just in case but I couldn't get it until Monday, which is when I took the pill.

When you take Plan B they say if your period is more than a week late to take a pregnancy test.

My question is, how would I know if I got pregnant? Because I wouldn't know if I missed my period or not. My friend told me there is no way I can be now because I took Plan B, but I know it's not 100% effective and I took it pretty late (within the 72 hour period but cutting it close) and according to him he didn't cum.
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replied December 1st, 2010
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It's better to keep a track of all your periods , most women do , when they are sexually active .
Even if he didn't "burst " inside , this method is NOT safe, and there is a liquid called pre-ejaculation which does contain sperm and most of men DO NOT know when they let this fluid go ! Just be careful in time and i suggest to use some form of birth control [ contraceptive pills, Copper T, Depo shot, Condom ]

To answer your question , the first reliable symptom is a missed period then nausea , vomiting, back ache , extreme fatigue but then again some women don't experience these symptoms at the beginning of their pregnancy. Everyone is different.

If you are worried, wait for your period to come then take a test !
Hope this helps ~
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