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Irregular back pain and chest aches?

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So, I've been getting worried over the past few days because of some unusual pains. I have these sharp back pains that come and go, and they normally originate in my back near the lower abdomen. They last for about 10 or 15 seconds, then just disappear, only to return a few hours, or even an hour later. They're not too bad in terms of how painful they are, but I often freeze up or wince because of them. That's not the only issue, though. Occasionally, I get these strange, sharp chest pains that only last for a few seconds before going. They occur less frequently than the back pains, but there's a slight pressure in my chest that is present for a few hours afterwards. Although, the most worrying thing was something that happened a day or two ago. I had finished a walk(1 hr 20 min) and had come home, then jumped straight into the shower. However, as I was taking the shower, I noticed I was extremely weak. Everything was heavy, and my head began to hurt as my vision swam. I had to crouch a few times to regulate my breathing, which had gotten difficult as I kept standing. At one point, I had to step out of the shower, and promptly fell onto the carpet outside my bathroom. It might have been a good idea then to tell my mother what had happened, but I finished the shower since I couldn't leave shampoo in my hair, and I had to sit down or stay close to the ground just to avoid the painful dizziness. I told my mother what had happened after I finished up, and she commented on the paleness of my face and lips, while normally, my face is quite red after a shower. My mother and I considered the possibility of a heart problem, but that might have been a drastic jump. Could someone be able to tell me what's wrong?
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