I am 50 year old reasonably fit and healthy male and have a worsening problem of invountary sniffing and snorting, I feel like my sinus is all clogged up and sniff totry and clear it, I have been to 2 seperate ear nose and throat specialist and have been told by both that my sinuses are perfect, catscans show no disorders at all, one suggested it may be a stress related muscular disorder, I have noticed it is not as bad on weekends when i am away from work but progressively gets worst as the week goes on and starts to get better closer to the weekend, it is also much worse after drinking a lot of alcohol on the weekend. I dont really feel that i am stressed at work but cant explain why it feels better on weekends. who do i see to diagnose this problem? can it be treated? do i see a Neuroligist? any info would be appreciated.
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replied October 23rd, 2010
Involuntary Sniffing & Snorting
I'm a 29yr old male recently finished a 6yr tour of duty with the Air Force. I have the same problem. It feels as if there is always something dripping down the back of my throat from my sinuses. I've had a nasal passage surgery to open the airway but Dr's say theres nothing wrong with my sinuses and nothing more than can do.... I feel uncomfortable all day involuntarily snorting and sniffing.. Does anyone know what could cause this? I've had Dr's say maybe Tourettes, Maybe Stress, but why would I feel that sinus congestion?
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replied May 2nd, 2011
Tell you what my dad has been doing it for over 15 years, he sniffs and sniffs and sniffs every 5 seconds, he will sniff so much he will cough because he inhaled to much.
Its a permanent dry sniff, you can hear no mucus inhalation, its just an irritating sniff. i believe it is due to a psychological problem, your brain tricking you into feeling you have mucus running down your nasal passage. for example did you ever blow you nose whilst you where ill or did you just sniff it backwards, your brain can get used to that feeling of mucus running down that passage, and when you have a slight amount of mucus moving it will trick you into thinking there is more..
It irritates me highly when he sniffs, as its not a proper way of breathing, the oxygen levels change in the body at a high rate due to the amount of sniffing you do, it also can cause tension on the lungs.
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replied August 7th, 2015
Uncontrollable Snorting
My friend is a male 37 yrs old. He has mild problem with his heart. His artery abnormally gets smaller sometimes that he gets dizzy and we are not sure if this is why he also gets headache and has hard time breathing. Before this was diagnosed, I hear him snort sometimes... he got really ill and was given medicine for his ailment. But now he snorts even more... every 15 to 45 secs interval. He said he has hard time breathing until now... and felt like his nose is always clogged and his cold doesn't thoroughly gets better. Sometimes he gets double vision, and nausea which eventually becomes headache. Anyone who knows why this happens?
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replied February 26th, 2016
unvoluntary snorting
markph, you described my 50 year old husband to a T up until the drinking part as he doesn't drink. I am just curious if you ever found a solution for this problem??
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replied July 27th, 2017
I had exactly the same issue. Spent a FORTUNE on every conceivable ENT specialist and medication known to man
Turns out it's ...
Mostly DAIRY!!
Who knew??
Went on a cleansing diet on advice from Chinese medicine/ acupuncture woman ..who diagnosed 'DAMP issues!' Google it.. quite interesting!
Some foods really exacerbate it like banana and avocado
So for a few weeks I ate:
No meat, wheat, sweets, dairy, salad, fruit or alcohol
Just warm veggies, beans, lentils.. soup, stews , etc.
no cold food allowed.
She also prescribed 3 months of ChinaMed Chronic Sinus Formula
(Guo min bi yan fang - Xanthium & Astragalus)
And it seriously cleared up.
So grateful now not to be snorting like a pig anymore!!! Although am REALLY missing cheese, yoghurt, and all things dairy .. plus a few other foods that exacerbate it ..
but it's worth it!!
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replied March 16th, 2018
Snorting all the time
I find myself snorting all the time. I have been to see two ENTs and they say my turbinates and sinuses are clear. Yet I feel I can only get open when I snort and take nasal saline solutions and use a Vick's vapoinhaler. I am driving my wife crazy at this point. Should I see a neurologist who can help me with this?
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replied July 8th, 2018
It’s a food sensitivity, probably.

I have the same issue. The mucous is normal clear mucous, but there is a lot of it and my throat is swollen so I have to snort it down to breathe. I developed this issue after a really severe cold, but otherwise out of the blue. Seems like the virus confused my immune system. I went to a lot of different doctors and ENTs. Not LPR, not “allergies”, just nothing as far as they could tell. They could see the drainage and blockage but the steroid sprays did nothing. Then by chance, my food diet had changed for several months and the symptoms nearly disappeared. After some experimentation I’m now convinced that it’s cause by eating certain foods (possibly the virus made me sensitive to). There are ticks that can make you allergic to red meat, so this isn’t that far off. For me, I can’t eat garlic or onions or else about 4 hours later, I am snorting like crazy just to breathe. Takes at least 2 days before the symptoms begin to die down. I spent 4 years in agony without answers, now I can see why it was so constant since onions are in just about everything. If this is happening to you or your friend, you’re going to need to take your diet down to basics for days or possibly weeks and see if you get better.
Tip: if you’re having a snorting attack the medications that help me are ibuprofen (to reduce swelling) and guafenisin- to help the mucous go down on it’s own. Also antihistamines really help.
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