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intramuscular heamogiomia that was all into the muscle

Hey guys,
I have a big problem, few yers ago i felt a pain in my right triceps while pulling my bag up. It was very painfull that day but the next morning it was swelled up it was red and i could not move my hand for a week. I took some medications and it was ok. Now ive been weight training for 3 years now and last month i felt a pop in my tricep no pain at that time but the next morning its was the same thing again it was swole even more no bruise
But still hurting. I went to the doc. He said for an mri and the reports were shocking to me
It was an intramuscular heamogiomia that was all into the muscle all 3 heads were affected doc said he has to cut off the muscle a big amount of muscle my arms are 13 inches so u could imagine how would it look like after surgury and main thing is he said u cannot go to the gym now what should i do
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