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Intra Articular Calcaneal Fracture (Heel Bone Fracture)

Dear Sir,

I fell down from stairs on 11 July 2015 and got fracture. After examining, my orthopedic doctor diagnosed that it is heel bone fracture in both legs. (Intra-articular Calcaneal fracture. I have lost subtler movements in heel and ankle area.

He simply told me to walk on toes for 20 minutes twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). He did not prescribe any medicine other than a pain killer. But he told that the pain killer to be taken only when there is unbearable pain.

He told me that it will take one year for recovery. (At present, I can walk very slowly, not fast). I cannot walk on toes as doctor prescribed.

I want to have second opinion for this. Does all intra-articular calcaneal fractures require surgery. (Why my doctor didn't recommend surgery right now and simply told me to practice to walk on toes ?)

Please help me in this regard.

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replied January 4th, 2016
Sorry to hear about your injury! I had a similar injury on November 30th, 2015. I slipped off a ladder and fell about 6-8 feet onto a concrete floor. I too broke both my heels (calcaneus bones). The breaks are "closed" fractures or I think also referred to as intra-articular.

I did not require surgery and have just started being able to use the boots (or some people refer to them as air casts) although I can only walk in them for a few minutes at a time without having my feet start to hurt. I can however walk pretty well on my tiptoes with little or no pain.
I don't see my doctor again until February and until then can't really do much, no driving, etc. I think at that point he may have me try to start weaning myself from the boots. He did tell me that bones take a good 3 months to mend and about 1 year to get to full strength.

How are you doing? Did you get your second opinion? I hope you are mending and walking by now, I know how frustrating it is not having even one good foot to walk on!
If you are still checking posts please let me know how things went for you!
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