Hi i think i have internal scar tissue inside my cheek from surgery that was done about 17 months ago. The cheek looks enlarged and when i touch my cheek it feels soft from inside and not as firm as the other one. Also the cheek feels slighly heavier like there is something inside.

Ive heard that steroids can help in reducing internal scar tissue but they do carry some risks with them. Are there any other methods in reducing the internal scar tissue in my cheeks?

I have started doing facial exercises would that help?

Can massaging help?

Also if i do go down the steroid route which steroids would be the best?

I understand that MRI scans can help in identifying the scar tissue is this correct, are there other scans thats can help aswell?

If the scar tissue is identified in a scan can i have the steroid injected directly into the scar tissue to reduce it, would the surrounding tissues be ok even if the steroid is injected directly into the internal scar tissue?

Please can you answer theses questions for me i would be very grateful if you can tell me according to your medical opinion, thankyou.
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