I was told I have intermittent suppression of my right eye, which (sometimes) affects my depth perception. After seeing another optometrist i was told i have 16 arc seconds of depth perception and that my eye "movements" are normal and should not pose an issue. I just want more information on this because I am not able to find any good information on it. What bugs me the most is that it is considered "intermittent" and that it only affects me sometimes. Therefore it could be assumed that I still have an issue even if I passed a retest. This is very important to me as I want to fly for the air force.
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replied January 25th, 2010
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See if your Optometrist can give you more information on this...Tell him of your needs for perfect eyes...I would think with this information that they will help you get to where you have to be with your eyesight...Good luck in the future and I hope you get to be a pilot with the Air Force....Stay safe...

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