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Intermittent pain/pressure behind left eye for the past 13 years

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Since around 1998 when I was 24 I have had occasional pain/pressure behind my left eye. It is always located there but sometimes will radiate out to the center of my forehead. There is no eye discharge or vision blurring. I always associated it with maybe wearing my temporary contac lenses too long, and usually once replacing them the pain went away. I've also wondered if it is sinus or some sort of seasonal thing. It mainly appears to hurt when I am tired.

The problem has returned over the past few weeks and is bothering more than normal. Pain always behing my left eye. I have even woken up at night and the back of my left eye has felt sore. The pain goes away but sometimes I can feel a dull ache back there. Ibuprofen usually helps.

The pain gets stronger if I am straining or if I lean forward. This makes me wonder if it is sinus, as I do live in Texas where the weather changes drastically in the same day. For example, this morning I awoke with eye pain, and it was around 50 last night and already up to 78 today. I have not kept a record of when exactly my eye has hurt over the past 13 years to determine for sure if the pain occurs during seasonal changes.

To sum up -- pain and pressure in left eye, sometimes spreading to my forehead. Other times my whole head aches. Not sure if I should go to doctor or optometrist -- I do wear contacs and I recall at one eye exam a few years ago the doctor said my eye pressure was high, but at the next checkup it was back to normal. The other big concern would be a tumor, but if I've had this pain for so long and I'm still kicking, I think it has to be something else -- sinus related?

Any replies appreciated. Thanks!
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replied April 8th, 2011
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