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And I by the title I mean in my stomach/torso region. I've looked all over online to try and get a few bits of information on this, but so far I have come up empty handed.

To be more precise on what exactly happens, There are times (a few times a day now) where my stomach/solar plexus region begin to seemingly overflow with heat. Like, to a very noticeable degree that can be felt by anyone just putting there hand by my chest and eventually this sensation spreads, in waves, to my entire upper body and sometimes even my legs. Now I thought that maybe this had something to do with how I metabolized food of some sort, but it is just too random going in periods where I haven't even eaten anything yet the day of (however I do think that maybe food spikes this occurrence almost about an hour or so later).

I'm just confused because I've never heard of this happening to anyone before and this has been going on for over half a year now with no more information than when I started.

Any information that you might have, like if you've heard anything similar to this before would be great.

Thanks in advance
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replied November 18th, 2008
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I am so sorry I don't have any ideas or answers for you! I would suggest maybe posting on the "Ask the Doctor" forum and seeing if an actual MD could help. You can click on 'Ask Doctor' within the stomach forum I believe.

Good luck!
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