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Intense Headache

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have intense headache for about two weeks now, yesterday i couldnt fall asleep and the day before i woke up cause of it. it persists the whole day. seldomly, i become completely disorientated for a little less than a second, cant tell which way is up,down,right,left etc., and i fell down once. lately i wasnt able to study and i failed a test at school cause my thoughts stuck. i get too dizzy after moments of looking at a digital screen and the headaches worsens after a prolonged period of watchin tv or sittin at the computer. tried listein to music and relaxing but headache didnt cease. last year something similar occured, lasted only 2 days but it was much more dire.couldnt even do a simple 1+1=...

could it be lack of nutrients? or should i pay a visit to some doc?
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replied November 28th, 2011
Pay a visit to a doctor and if he is not willing to listen then find another doc. Some doctors dont listen and it is important to get a balanced view. This may be an issue like nutrients but it may be something more severe that you should not ignore! I hope things get better for you.
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