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Insurance forced wife out of hospital

My wife has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. During the hospitalization, they were empirically treating her for viral meningitis. Since the hospitalization, she's been unresponsive, shows altered mental state, inability to speak or slurred speech, fever, etc. She's been bedridden in the hospital for the whole 3 weeks but the doctors could not find an official diagnosis for her despite multiple MRIs and other diagnosistic teests.

Insurance company got involved since they were forking out so much money for her without a diagnosis. They transferred her to a horrid nursing center without a recovery plan or medication. She did show signs of small recovery 3 days prior to being transferred but now is back to her old (worse) condition in the facility.

What can I do to fight this? Does my insurance company really have the say in how she is being treated? She literally has no way to eat or conduct living by herself. She's 90% unresponsive and for the 10% she is awake or responsive, she has altered mental state which is not much better than her unresponsive state. I fear she'll get worse staying in the nursing facility without any more attentive care and medications and doctor evaluations. All they're doing in the facility is giving her a bed to sleep on and not much else.

Please advise.
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replied March 2nd, 2011
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Call your insurance company and speak with a supervisor / open an appeal request / discuss this with an attorney...

You did not old is your wife? Has she had any illnesses prior to this?

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