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Instant Hives Remedy - But not a cure

I've had chronic hives for three years. I've only seen a doctor once (white coat syndrome) and expectantly he basically said he could give me Prednisone (wouldn't go near it - I watched my mother blow up like a balloon on it and also had a terrible time trying to wean herself off it - for asthma though). He said Allegra would do it as a antihistamine. Yes they do work but I'm basically immune to them now and don't like fake chemicals in my body so have tried all sorts of natural remedies. IHerb is a good place to go for those. But some work, some don't. And you can burn a lot of money experimenting.

Like any one with chronic hives, I've given up, singularly, everything for a few weeks at least to try and isolate it. Two things have had a major effect. A few months ago I gave up anything with grain in it. So that's obviously any bread related food but also rice pasta etc. That,over a few weeks dramatically took the heat out of them. But then I gave up ginger. This was hard for me as for the last ten to twelve years I've started the day with a hot cup of grated ginger root made into a tea. I've become fairly addicted to it but it's also had a side benefit in that i haven't had a day in bed in all that time - in fact I've never even had a single cold. Anyway, I found that it was related to the deadly nightshade family - ah forgot to say that I've given up everything in that family too - potatoes are top of that followed by tomatoes.
Now I should say here that I haven't completely given up these things. If I'm in town and hungry well down goes a pizza but instead of all those things being part of my daily diet, they're now maybe once a week at most. Instead it's vegetables, salads and meat. So it's helped the hives for sure (still there daily but not nearly as intense and I believe I'll see the back of them within a couple of months at most). But also I feel miles healthier.
In the meantime I discovered the best and cheapest remedy of all. I bought a couple of cold packs that I keep in the freezer. So, when I get a hive outbreak I just hold a cold pack hard down on them for about 30 to 60 seconds. After that. They've gone! When I go out I wrap a pack in newspaper and keep it in the car with me. Doesn't last that long - maybe a couple of hours before it's lost its effectiveness because it's started to thaw but it's truly a great way to get rid of them.
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