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insomnia from methotrexate by injection.

My partner has rheumatoid arthritis and currently has methotrexate by injection. He takes no other medications. He currently has insomnia and many side effects. We are trying to respect that he's exhausted and I have to tip toe around the house. I wake at 6am and have two children who need to get ready have breakfast etc. Any sound even a clock ticking wakes him and I bare the brunt. I also have chronic illness but have no support. I am about to undergo treatment for macrocytosis and pernicious anaemia. I feel alone and frightened also exhausted. I make myself do exercise etc even if I'm too tired to help me sleep. As it stands from 6am sometimes right through to 3-4pm I can't make a sound or do my chores. I've taken to aimlessly wandering out to avoid any drama. He won't take advice his appetite is non existent. I don't know how to support him through this. His snapping and irritability at me is hurtful but it's his lack of sleep. I'm at a loss I feel scared all the time now. I need support from him too I have to have lots of tests and 10 hospital visits over the next two weeks. I'm too scared to ask. He's having suicidal thoughts now too. He's told the doctor but they aren't helpful. I'm at a loss I love him so much. Even now it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I'm shut inside curtains closed scared to do anything can't even get a drink from the tap because of noise. My children are respectful of his condition but he can't see it they have to tip toe around getting ready for school. Does anyone have any advice I'm at breaking point I do everything myself and feel so alone and broken I'm also partially blind.
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