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insomnia/anxiety/memoryloss, cognitive skills worsening.

I'm a teenage female, I've been experiencing on and off insomnia since the O levels of last year (I blamed it on stress) but it persists even now when I'm not particularly stressed. I also tend to suffer from anxiety attacks and mood swings.
Throughout the past year, these past months especially, I've noticed my cognitive skills worsening. I'm getting clumsier, I misgudge distances (I run into doors more, I almost fall off chairs because I sit myself down too close to the edge), and I'm having a really difficult time retaining new information. My memory was always bad, but now I forget my friends' names, and I can't even seem to remember the name of the career I've had my eye on for 3 years.
My doctor has suggested thyroid might be the cause, but I don't think that's it.
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replied August 6th, 2015
Some Home remedies which you can try for your anxiety and insomnia :
For anxiety :-
1. Kava - Helps in relaxation without sedation effects
2. Valerian (commonly used) - used as sleep aid. It carries a sedative effect
3. Vitamin B and folic acid- These nutrients are believed to relieve anxiety by affecting the production of chemicals needed for your brain to function.

For your sleeping issues :-

1. Drink mixture of warm milk & honey every night
2. Nutmeg powder aids in good sleep
3. Use lettuce juice
4. Bathing with hot water before bedtime
5. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, music therapy, acupressure are good in sleeping disorders
6. A mixture of cinnamon, buttermilk, honey

These remedies are to be used only in mild conditions, in case of severe or chronic conditions you should visit your doctor.
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