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insect bites attack muscles

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Bitten in Fl campground on rainy night in March -30-40 bites on legs below capri pant line and shoes. Redspots,no itching no swelling.Looked like someone painted pink magic marker spots. Within weeks had muscle soreness in legs,eventually had shortness of breath on exertion,pain in all skeletal muscles.Arms very painful.Sick for about 3 -4 weeks. Started improving,but seems to be taking a long time. Any exertion still causes pain and SOB.Dr. has done many tests and ruled out most everything.Dr.believes a virus has attacked my muscles.My Dr. says lots of rest and eat nutrious food.It has been 2+ mths. Has anyone any suggestions to heal muscles or can identify bites.
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replied June 6th, 2008
pray that you will be healed, and/or that you will be shown which doctor/what treatment to use
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replied May 8th, 2010
Insect bite and subsequent joint and muscle pain
I had a single bite very similar to what you are stating and it kept bleeding and scabing for about 2 months, but eventually healed up. Then started muscle aches and pains, and they are starting to wake me up at night, too. The aches and pains keep continuing and are getting worse. Did you ever find an answer? The bite occured in the January during bitter cold weather so I''m assuming it was in the home and likely a spider bite, but not sure. Any ideas would be appreciated. As silly as this sounds, I''m just linking all of this together. Here it is May, too! I just woke up from pain in my lower back, abdomen, and hand and realized the "pulled muscle" I keep getting in my calf is right behind where the bite occured. I have an appointment in about 2 weeks but am feeling a little spooked by this.
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replied May 21st, 2010
I keep getting bitten in my house. Not sure what it is. I have found a small black fly type object on my skin and a few various other insects n the house. My son has found an insect under his skin in a bubble of blood that popped when he pushed on it. I keep gettin bitten mostly in the scalp but some in the leg and some in the lower back. I get the cramping in my calves and biceps very badly when i get a new bite. It starts under my left arm and spreads around my back and down my legs with each new bite. Can't pin it down.
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replied September 1st, 2012
Muscle pains form what appears to be bites
Until May this year was able to go to the Gym run ten miles three times a week, now can barely pushbike at a reduced pace for twenty miles.
Was bitten in Spain not to badly, within two days ankle had swollen could not walk, Majorca bitten so badly.
Now I can not do any form of exercise without the muscles locking and staying locked for days.
I have had every test over the last Three months the Doctors and specialists that I have had to pay for so as to receive a quicker treatment have been useless. I am now at the point of being told this is your life get on with it.
I have been sent to incorrect clinics wrong specialists, discharged from Accident & Emergency unable to walk.
I am now on a diet to reduce from from a fit and healthy 54 year old @ 13 stone 4 to 12.5 ( target ) 11.5.
I have lost all faith in the bone carrying witch doctors that actually tell you "I have four minutes", lets make something up that fits one of your symptoms and take care.
I will not give up and pray that I find a doctor from fiction, like house that actually finds the reason.
If I do I will let everyone know.
Good luck and don't give,up.
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replied February 13th, 2013
I was bitten at night in October 2010, the next couple of days there was a huge lunp (1" high, 7" long) on my outer thigh above the knee

I was on the verge of going to hospital because it made me feel ill

I subsided after 3-4 days so I just carried on

It left a soreness in the muscle and nerve spasms down my leg which is very painful

After a hip replacement in Jan 2013 the thigh became swollen around the bite area and in a much larger area, it actually hindered my recovery

Since January the painful area is advancing below my knee and upwards towards my outer hip

I have seen the doctor and a pain clinic, all I get is "put on some pain cream, keep taking the tablets"

I am now on Morphine for the pains, top among them is the bite are from over a year ago

What the hell can I do? it is starting to really get me down
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replied August 9th, 2016
Hi, did you ever find out the cause/what was wrong with you or tge correct treatment?
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