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I am 14 and my inner vaginal lips are bigger than the outer, they are quite unattractive, i first noticed this wen i started puberty. is it normal to have it this young as i searched it and it says its mainl in maturer women, also it has comments from men saying they think its unnatractive which has knocdked my confidence as i have got a boyfriend and im affraid wen we start getting sexually active he'll dump me because of it. i cant talk to any of my mates about this so please someone help.. oh and also after my period i have a bad smell in my underwear, is this normal? x
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replied November 13th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
It is normal. Every woman's genitals are unique just like your nose, eyes and ears are unique.

The inner lips can be discolored (black, brown, purple), it can be wrinkly or smooth, it can be uneven, have parts sticking out or the total lips hanging out or be totally hidden inside. Luckily for us there are no Miss Labia Minora competition Smile

Penisis are not works of art themselves. They can be straight, crooked, short, long, thick, thin discolored, have a funny head etc.

I can almost guarantee you that boys will not be looking at your genitals or dumping you because of it. He will be too scared that you will laugh at his penis for being too small/large/crooked. Genitals function is not to look beautiful.

STOP WORRYING ABOUT THIS. Every boy and girl feels insecure until they find out that nobody cares about how their genitals look.
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