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inner labia tear

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hey really embarrassed about this. But i feel real self conscious also and I am looking for some support and advice. I had my baby vaginally 11 days ago and had a 2nd degree tear inside. Thats healing real good. But my inner labia also tore and thats not doing so well. Ok here it goes.

My inner labia must have stretched so much that it split is half...literally down the middle to create a type of fork. The midwife missed that tear when she was stitching me up so it was left that way. I didnt know about it until days later when I looked at myself in the mirror. The pain wasnt concerning cause I figured it was part of the other tear. But its not. By that time the skin was already healing and there was no way you could sew it back together without cutting it again. So now its healed and the "fork" is gone but Im left with patruding triangle of skin that hangs out of the outer lips by like a 8th of an inch...enough to be extremely irritating and painful to walk and wear jeans.

Has this happened to anyone??? I have never been exactly symmetrical down there and I am proud of how I look so is my hubby. But now one side is sooo different!! I guess I could live with it as part of my initiation to mother hood but it bothers me sooo much.

I dont have insurance I can see a doctor about this. Would I be able to have this surgically removed or corrected? The only way I would do it is if it continued to be a big problem. But has anyone ever had correction surgery down there?

HUbby says im fine and even joked that its more fun for im not worried about that...its just really painful to walk and do normal things...this totally sucks!!! I thought childbirth was enough to deal with. Now I have a problem that doesnt seem like its going to go away on its own...DAMN!!!
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replied September 24th, 2008
Labiaplasty or labioplasty can help correct and alter the appearance of a torn labia after delivering a child. Many women who have not had children also request labial rejuvenation, or external vaginal cosmetic surgery, so it's not that abnormal.

When will you get insurance? You might need to prove the medical necessity of such a procedure, so I'd suggest that you start thinking about your strategy.
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