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Inner Ankle Pain, Cold numb foot, medial malleolus

I am writing this as i have been accepted for a new job which i should be starting in around 5 weeks and is very strenuous. I am considering handing in my notice at my current job which requires 1 month.

I felt a pain in my left foot one day while walking to work. After sleeping i woke up with a very acute pain under my medial malleolus, had to walk on toes of my left foot, pain was excruciating. I booked into see my doctor a couple of days later who said he thinks that i have sprained it and to rest it.

It began to feel better, movement in my foot and ankle is now normal. Pain in my ankle is still present, and when i get up it becomes very cold with severe aching of the whole ankle. Pain is also present at a point right in the middle of the arch in my foot. The joint now clicks very often, at the beginning it was with every step.

I am finding it hard to believe a sprain is the case as I have read that a sprain of the deltoid ligament is rare unless fractured, there was no bruising or swelling and i didn't believe it had been twisted in any way.

I believe there are symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, or some kind of Posterior tibial tendon injury but i'm just not sure.

The only thing that had changed in my normal life was that the field i walk to work over had been ploughed and had frozen, placing a lot of activity on the ankle but i never felt a direct pain at any point walking over the field.

I am 23 years old, male, healthy, football once a week, no previous ankle injury. One thing to note is that when i was younger my tendon in my hip/pelvis pulled of a bit of bone, i also had the same injury in both thumbs, these were results of direct impact/oversressing but there was a similar click in my hip.

Has anyone ever had experience of this? Any recovery time frames?

any help would be fantastic
many thanks
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replied April 2nd, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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replied April 3rd, 2012
Hi there, probably bursitis. I'm currently having the same issue, at first I was told it was a sprain. Now I'm in a cast with my foot at a 45 degree angle to release any tendon stress.
Hope this helps!
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