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Inhaling glue side effects ?

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help me please. I have been to many doctors. worked in cabinet shop for 18 years smelling glue and paint fumes constant. Since i told them about this and have returned from overseas with ptsd they are only concerned, are you still inhaling glue or when was the last time. i tell them over and over that it was my job not an addition they keep bringing up. I know they have thier mind made up before i even get there. they keep telling me it is in my mind. although my sicoligist sends me every where to get help. I am at the end.

Symptoms are, twicting in finger(comes and goes only at rest) gait has changed badly(takes me forever to get somewhere, loose my balance alot), slow with everything. stiffness started in my legs(left one worse)it feels like they are working when they are not. speech has gotten slow and hesitant. cannot swing left arm as good as right(when i walk they just don't swing unless i try to)the worst thing is the shaking.(internal shaking i cannot control, if i get a nap in the midle of the day before it is at its worst i can control it alot better) GOD PLEASE HELP ME I CAN NOT LIVE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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replied March 9th, 2012
try eating seafood...
and try to keep on training everyday.... just a small 15 minute jog....
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replied November 27th, 2012
Ha.. fun stuff hey...?? Some adhesives cause massive neurological damage... soo... Id be jumping on some Lyrica or some type of epiliptic meds to ballance that out, then .. Yoga, Qi Gong, anything to get ur circulation nd breath in order. ur in for the long hall man. hope u get use to it.. u will.. you can build up a tolerence to anything... even pain.. enjoy the human body..
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