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Inguinal Hernia - Open Repair Method with Mesh

My experience
Background on me

I am male 37 years old and fit up until the time I got my hernia. In fact. I had been working out with P90x and Insanity for 15 months straight. I achieved a weight loss of 35 lbs and slimed down to 138 and learned how to eat and live a healthy and active life style. I ride motorcycles and love being as active as you can imagine.

June 2 2011 - Discovery.

I remember feeling like the strenuous routine was catching up to me and I felt I was really pushing the ab routine pretty hard. But I felt immune to hernia because I thought after all the core work I did that was the last thing I should be concerned with.

I discovered the lump in the shower. At first I thought I had pulled something but it was barely noticeable. I waited just a few days but the lump was not going away.

Needless to say I made an appointment and was able to see a nurse practitioner the very next day. Seeing a Dr would have taken 20 days. I couldn't wait.

June 9, 2011 - 1st medical Appointment. Saw Nurse Practitioner

The NP could not locate the dam bulge. It was appearing right after exercise. I even purposely did ab work at home to show them. By the time I arrived to the office the bulge was not there.

So I was referred to radiology for a scan of my lower left abdominal. NP said to resume my normal activities as she could not confirm hernia. I did and I believe I made it worst. So just after 2 days of training I stopped working out completely and the feeling of something seriously gone wrong had sunk in.

I had my scan done just 2 days later. The tech would not confirm nor deny what she saw because only a Dr. can confirm diagnosis. Deep down inside I had a bad feeling about this because I knew the dam bulge was just not going away.

I called my GP after a few days and got my results over phone from a nurse at the office. "You have a small hernia sir and we are referring you to a specialist."

My worst fear had been confirmed.

June 22.2011 - First visit with Surgeon
The Dr. Had already read my check in paperwork, knew what I did for a living, saw that there were no red flags, nonsmoker, no pre-existing medical conditions, etc.
The Dr. Examines my hernia, I pulled my underwear down and this time the hernia was bulging out, no problem showing the protrusion this time. I feel it had gotten a bit worst since the time I saw the NP.

He apologized in advance for what he was about to do - check my other side for another hernia, so he did the finger scrotum test where he pushes in at the base of your scrotum and tells me to cough. Thankfully, nothing on the right side.
He explained his method, open repair method with Mesh - attached via sutures. I had asked the nurse that checked me in and she said Dr. does not to Laproscopic. I was split on the Laproscopic method vs open method mainly for post op recovery pain. But, after reading more, I feel that this open method gives the Dr. a direct line of sight with his own eyes and patches me up appropriately. I got to think positive. I read a study on the net that says the advantage of Lapro repair vs Open is marginal. But then again, it depends who endorsed the study right?
When I asked the Dr. about recovery times and whether he could fit me in ASAP because I had a vacation coming up in about 6 weeks, he said that he could fit me in sometime within 10 days and that at 3 to 4 weeks I should resume normal activity. I am skeptical about "normal." But as long as there are no complications and I'm healing pretty well, I don't see why I can't go lie on the beach or poolside 4 weeks after surgery. We'll see. Updates to come....
I feel a bit more relaxed after seeing the Surgeon and knowing what method he's going to use. I've read just about every blog and information I could get a hold of to ready myself mentally for what's to come post surgery.  I am ready for this, let's do it, I'm a fit 37 year old male, 5'6'' at 138 lbs. I have been through some painful back problems in the past a long time ago, this is being done with pain medicine, I could do this. Bring it.

 June, 25 2011 - 6 days before Surgery

Now that I have my date scheduled for July 1, 2011, I feel somewhat at ease. I now know that I will have 4 weeks before a scheduled vacation for post recovery. I've read plenty of posts and blogs and know exactly what to expect. I am lucky to have my wife to nurse me during the first critical days.

I have planned for 1 week off from work and then 1 week working from home.
The most difficult thing for me has been dealing with the lack of exercise as I was accustomed to working out 6 days a week that included yoga, intense plyometric exercises, cardio, and 3 days of weight resistance. I have serious workout withdrawal.

But I don't want to make the bulge larger. It was a small diagnosis but I feel uncomfortable and can't push past 60 % of my ability. I find myself using my right side of my body to avoid placing stress on the left, but now the good side begins to feel sore. I also find that my mornings I feel better and less strained in my abdominal area vs evenings when I'm worn down from the mild aggravation I feel from the hernia. So I take advantage and hop in the shower in the mornings since it aggravates less.

Having said this you can see that despite the post op recovery saga that may await me. I am eagerly looking to getting this over with.

Even walking the dogs was now become a difficult task.

Next up, blood work 5 days prior.

June 30th 2011. One day prior to Surgery

Well. I am very anxious as anyone would be on the eve before the operation. I continue to follow a healthy eating regiment but not too strict as I have opted to increase my fiber intake with a little more fruit than I was used too I also started to take colon cleanse a, week ago in my daily protein shake. It increases the fiber. I have to say the efforts do make a difference.

I am so done with researching this dam topic. I think I beat this to death. I've googled every hernia term and have read all sorts of post recovery success stories and some bad ones too. I am seriously looking forward to getting this thing done.

I sure hope that all that workout effort I have behind me helps me recover faster than normal or at least help avoid any complications.

Right now my only fear is pain after the operation. I don't mind something I can handle with pills but I'm fearful based on everyone's pain story the first 3 days.

I prepared with buying sweat pants, high fiber meals, family to look after me and have a solid 17 days before returning to work.

Until tomorrow. I'm ready for this.

July 1st 2011 - The big Day!!!! Surgery.

I woke at at 5:30 am. My parents and my wife and I left our house at around 6:30 and arrived at the Hospital just before 7 am. I checked in and filled out 3 pages of paperwork- simple privacy notices etc. The hospital had already called my home days prior to verify and interview me for other questions.

20 minutes later I was called by a nurse and my wife came with me. I turn around to smile at my parents and my father tells me things will be ok. We were led up to the 3rd floor where I was told to have a seat by the elevators that my nurse would come get me.

The kissing corner.

"Ok this is where you could give her a kiss and we'll call you when she's ready." I could hear but not see that other patients and loved ones were told to kiss and say good bye right before they go into the operating room. My wife and I would look at each other and smile each time we heard this. I knew that in just a few moments we would be doing the same.

The pre operation room

The pre op room was curtained off with about 8 beds. The very kind nurse gave me privacy and told me to take off all my clothes and put on a robe. My wife assisted and she said she could see the hernia. Clothes goes inside plastic bags and on the bottom of my bed.

I was given a warm blanket, hospital socks, an IV was started, temperature taken, and a few square objects were taped onto my chest. I was also wearing a hat. The nurse also had me sign off on more paperwork confirming my identity and what I was in for. Hospital protocol.

Next, I was visited by just about everybody that was going to be in the operating room.

1st, the Surgeon walks in and confirms what he is about to do. He also places an X on my left groin side so everyone in the room knows what side they're working on. He asks if I'm ready and I ask if HE'S ready - jokingly.

Secondly, The anesthesiologist appears. He confirms that I am going under general anesthesia not local. He makes sure I do not have high blood pressure and says I will wake up in the recovery room.

Lastly, one of the nurses that will be inside the operating room shows up. She tells me they will be transferring me onto another bed. She also says they will give me a "Happy" drug to calm and relax me. Before I get taken in She said the drug may kick in immediately. Wow she wasn't kidding. I felt like I was surfing. Suddenly I'm being wheeled out and find myself in the "kissing corner."

Last thing I remember..........

I was drugged up while being wheeled inside the operating room. I remember seeing large round lights. I remember being asked to scoot over onto a narrow operating table. I felt I barely fit on this table and made a comment and the nurse said it was so everyone could reach me. That was it. I don't remember anything after that no warning here comes the anesthesia or count to 10. None of that. I think that happy drug is designed so you don't panic.

Waking up..............

I woke up in recovery and was given 2 ice cubes. I felt thirsty and above all nauseous.
I was given anti nauseous medication through my IV. I felt discomfort in the groin area. I asked for juice and they said it would only make it worst. It did hurt and I was offered morphine. I declined I mean it hurt but not to that extent.

I was surprised how fast they wheel you out of there. I thought they would have me urinate before being discharged. I could hear the nurse telling my wife to bring the car around. I felt a sigh of relief that The operation was over.

I was wheeled out by volunteers. I was still very groggy and I could not solidly open my eyes just yet. By now the dr had already given my prescription to my wife an hour earlier and she had it filled. That was nice.

I got home and made it to the couch. I knew I could not walk up the stairs so I decided to setup camp on the chase lounge section of my couch.

Managing Pain…

I was in at 7 am and by 12 noon I was having toast with jelly on my couch. That is a fast in and out procedure.

The nurse said to take a pain medication as soon as I got home because once pain sets in it's hard to catch up.

By 6 pm the pain was elevated. It is not an unbearable pain where you are miserable every waking moment. Rather you hurt every time you get up from the couch or bed but it subsides once you settle in.

I was surprised by how much I needed to urinate. Ouch. That meant I had to go through that painful process of getting up. Walking was super slow and also hurtful. All I could manage was getting up from the couch and walking to the bathroom.

Urinating has been arduous the first day. It drips out rather than flow out and it takes a while to get it started. I even tried sitting down which was a little better but putting your underwear and sweat pants back on is not exactly a walk in the park.

I tried to be macho and not take my pain meds but forget that. I started with one codeine every 4 hours and by 6 I was taking 2 pills.

I slept on the couch for fear of climbing the stairs.

1 day post surgery - July 2, 2011

My worst day thus far....

The noticeable improvement was that getting up from the couch became slightly better. By no means was I flying off the couch. I still had to endure a good degree of discomfort. But it was a notch better than yesterday.

I had plenty of family and friends visit and hang out. I spent most of my time lying up on the couch and walked around the house a little when I had to use the bathroom - which happened to be quite often. I kept taking 1 codeine every 4 hours. It doesn't eliminate the pain it just disguises it a bit.

Urinating continues be difficult. I am standing up to urinate and have completely lost my aim. I'm just happy to get a stream going so I'm not interrupting the flow if you know what I mean.

By the evening I was starting to feel gas build up and wish I could Defecate. I also started to tolerate sitting down on my computer chair. In fact this felt great. My back is so sore from lying down on it for so long now. I am looking for alternatives here.

I took a good look at my package and confirm there is no bruising nor do I feel swollen in my testes. So far the side effect that has caused me trouble is difficulty urinating.

I settled back into the couch to sleep and my back was killing me from being in the same position. I kept taking codeine and was starting to hate the couch.

I woke up around 1 am and I willed myself up from the couch and I baby stepped my way up stairs. I made it! My wife heard me and she quickly arranged the bed for sleeping.

It felt so good to lie on my side - the good side. Plus I took a codeine and I slept wonderfully the rest of the night.

2nd Day Post Surgery - July 3, 2011

I woke up today in my own bed. My wife took the couch to let me settle in without movement from her. She's been a gracious, loving nurse - just awesome. I'm so lucky to have her.

I haven't taken a codeine since 4 am. I want to wane off the narcotics to get the bowel movement going. So I opted for 400 mg of IB Proferin and that was at 12. A sign of obvious progress!

Eventually, I find myself back on the couch. But this time I am able to shift my body around to ease the sores I've been dealing with. A welcoming sign of relief here too.

My foods so far have been strictly Minestrone soup, jello and double fiber wheat toast with jelly. Ive added some fruit and water too. I've also continued my colon cleanse supplement and hope to see a bowel movement here soon.

July 4th 2011 - 3rd day post surgery

72 hours since my last bowel movement and I was miserable. I am no longer taking pain meds.

Serious constipation has been building up. I knew I might have this issue from the pain meds but I never imagined how horrifying it would be for me. I'm used to going 1 a day very regular. I ate fiber so this was the least of my worries.

8 am. I started with coffee and a breakfast shake. My stomach felt impacted but I knew I had to eat. So I took down toast too. I was either walking around or sitting on the toilet.

11 am I started to gulp down water like there is no tomorrow. I tool a 2 Dulcolax tablets and my wife brought plum juice. I also had two prunes. The pressure from constipation was daunting. I could not sit stand or do anything. I literally spent the better part of my day sitting on the toilet from false alarms. I could not push that extra hard due to the surgery.

4 pm I was in a state of sheer misery all because of constipation unlike any other time of my life. You know when you got to go and you almost run to the bathroom? That's exactly what I felt except I would sit down and nothing. So I couldn't even walk right because of the overwhelming urge to go.

Saved by a Cheeseburger

Finally I was desperate and made a decision to go to the hospital. But my sister and wife told me I had to continue to eat to push the bowels to move. So in an act of desperation I had a cheeseburger then 30 minutes later I found myself in the toilet with another round of strong urges. This time I dared to push a bit harder. It worked

Amen!!! I finally defecated!!!

It was the most difficult BM that I had sweat beads flowing down my forehead. I had to grip the door in front of me and my knees wouldn't stop shaking.

As an after thought, I hope I didn't push that hard to damage the incision. I feel a little sore after wards but I remember the Surgeon saying that the mesh is as strong as it will ever be when he puts it on. Theoretically you could work out the next day but you will not want to until the incision is healed weeks later. So I kept that in mind as I pushed beyond limits that i thought I could given the circumstances. Now I I just hope I didn't re injure the hernia. Not that I feel I did.

In the eve. I have this sensation that I could sense the darn mesh. Or is it the outer incision. My worry ass mind has me thinking about the monstrous bowel movement episode. I do NOT want to repeat this ordeal again.

4th day post surgery - July 5th 2011

Morning thoughts........

I slept ok. Not fabulous. I felt I could have used a mild pain killer last night. Perhaps extra strength Tylenol pm but the trauma from yesterday has me freaked out still. So I'm sucking it up and going macho from here on out.

Since last night I could sense the sensation of a foreign object behind my skin. I hope this goes away. It feels like a subtle burning/itching sensation. So far no bruising or swelling on the boys or Johnson below.

I was able to sleep on my incision side. Albeit very gently. Easing into a sleeping position takes thought and patience. You can't just break into a stretch without hurting.

Took a shower this morning and finally put some sneakers on - with wife's help of course. Still wearing sweat pants still walking slow with a more than subtle reminder that my groin is still in repair mode.
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replied July 8th, 2011


4 pm. I gave into the pain and took 400 mg of pharmaceutical grade IB proferen. I felt like I had taken a step back and felt day 2 pain level. I felt disappointed. This pill began to work fast and in 10 minutes I felt relief.

Then as the rest of the day progressed I actually have felt my best so far. This is weird. I thought I was having a bad pain day then you take an IB proferen and suddenly I could sit back on the couch in more positions.

This is the day the Dr. said I would probably start to feel that I could "manage" the pain. I don't know about the whole day but certainly the eve I would sort of agree.

5th Day Post Surgery. July 6 2011

I had the best sleep last night thus far. I took the best shower and I was able to put on my own sneakers and socks unassisted.

I had an easy BM too.

I finally left my house although I didn't drive. I had lunch with my father I felt good to cruise the neighborhood. I felt closing heavy car doors to be difficult. I also felt that pushing or pulling heavy commercial restaurant doors open is still too much.

Any walking I do is around the house. However I didn't get to do much of that today. I spent all day on computer and IPad.

I made it until 4 pm before I had to take my IB Proferen.

6th day post surgery July 7, 2011

A very easy morning. I love waking I'm as good as I'll feel all day long. I'm starting to feel the hairs that were shaved begin to bother me. I took another long shower and can look down to see tiny bit of swelling. A small bump but not exactly where the hernia bump was. This one is right above and on one of the edges along the incision. Based on what I read it is normal tom have the area swollen. Nonetheless, I will ask the Dr. about it in my post follow up appt.

I walked a lot more this morning. I paced all over the house and backyard. I worked up an appetite for lunch. I was happy to feel that I could move around a lot more. But disappointed about not being able to push and pull open car and restaurant doors. Although my walk is a bit better. It's not what it should be. It's still slow. DAM.

I tried putting on some Jeans. Ouch. I'm not ready for the tugging it takes to slip those on yet. I had to find some slightly over sized shorts that doesn't place any strain on the waist line. So far it's been elastic sweat pants and shorts.
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replied July 16th, 2011
15 days post Surgery. July 16, 2011

Doing so much better. I am able to do all normal activities without much if any discomfort. Showering, changing clothes, wearing jeans with a belt.

I saw my Dr two days ago for my first post op appt. He said the incision looks good and that I could remove the tape. The stitches would be absorbed by the body.

I have minor swelling along the incision he said it was normal.

Surprisingly he said that I could continue to do normal activities even being as active as I can as long as it's within my comfort zone. Not to over do it. He also repeated what he said the first visit. That I cannot damage or rupture the repair. That is reassuring.

However, I will proceed with caution. I am able to go on 30 minute walks and then walk up and down my stairs for 10 minutes. That is my current workout. I feel very little discomfort but I could tell I am not ready to push behind that yet. I will try jogging in one week and continue my walking and stair climbing routine for now.

Well at this point it looks like my vacation will happen after all!
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replied August 9th, 2011
Thanks for all the details. I am undergoing surgery for an umbilical and inguinal hernia on Sept. 8. I was curious about how long it would take before I felt like coming back to the classroom. I guess it is an individual circumstance.
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replied August 9th, 2011
Im glad it helps people out. I was afraid of what to expect. Drs dont do a good enough job telling us just how involved a hernia recovery could be.

It feels tough at first but you quickly bounce back to normal daily activity. Trouble is if you are an extreme fitness fan you need more time. I am still waiting and its been 5.5 weeks out. But im healthy enough to be on vacation and do just about anything from snorkeling swimming walking around etc.
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replied November 16th, 2011
What's the end of this story?
What's the story now? Did you resume your workout schedule?
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replied November 17th, 2011
3.5months post Surgery Update

I love to work out. This surgery has humbled me as trying to get back in Shape has been challenging.

I am back at it. Cardio and a modified weight routine. When i say modify i mean light weight high reps.

I can feel the repair still nags at me during workouts. It gently reminds me to be caitious and not to over exert too much.

I wish i could say im back as it never happened but thats sadly not the case.

I am hopeful that as time wears kn the sensations i feel around the area will comp,etely didapate. I will be posting thst when it happens.

But at least i could raise my heart rate up and break into a good sweat. Something i do not take for granted.
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replied November 17th, 2011
exercise after inguinal hernia repair
Thanks for the reply. Glad life is returning to a somewhat normal routine for you. At what point did you feel like you could start your modified routine? If you had to make a different decision would you have gone ahead with this surgery or followed a watchful waiting approach?
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replied November 17th, 2011
I do not regret the decision to go through the procedure. I was at a point that it popoed out most of the day and it hurt ti walk as putting pressure on the torn side agrevated it.

Now. I have zero agrevation and can do all "normal" activities without any discomfort. But extreme excercise is still a challenge. But i work around it by taking more off/rest days in between.

I will definately post updates as i yearn for the day i can say that im better than ever.
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replied November 17th, 2011
Hernia and extreme exercise via P90X and Insanity
That's good to hear, your account of this has relaxed my fears a bit. I just turned 40 a few months ago, and have been pretty active my whole life. During my 30's I carried some excess weight that I wanted to get rid of. Like you I have done P90X and Insanity avidly now for a year. I have lost 65 lbs on these programs. However, I'm angry at myself for taking the extreme exercise thing to this level where it may have contributed to this particular injury. I have been in complete denial for the last month thinking I was immune to this problem. I thought hey "i'm doing ab ripper X, there's no way i could develop a hernia". I hope my recovery goes as well as yours. In the end we aren't machines programmed by Tony and ShaunT, we have to know our limits I suppose. This is very humbling indeed. Thanks for posting.
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replied November 18th, 2011
We are in the same boat. I thought my core was so strong that ab ripper really is a tough ab routine. I loved doing thise moves. That is why i thought i would never have to deal with a hernia

I was doing p90xplus when my abs tore. I was doind the ab routine there but honestly i had been doind this too long without a break. I think once yo get into this for about a year. More rest cycles should be factored in.

Even Tony Horton ripped his biceps in May. But he said thT he still worked out despit the rip!! He had surgery to have his bicep re attached.

If it can happen to him it can definately happen to me.

Dont wait. Get it done and out it behind you.
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replied November 22nd, 2011
Thank you so much for your long blog. It really encourages me to face my surgery.
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replied December 2nd, 2011
Thanks so much for your detailed posts. I find this very informative...Probably the most I've read on the net and like you I've scoured it.

Personally, I'm stressed like never before. Been having a weird feeling in right side of groin. Can't call it pain as it doesn't really hurt; just a strange feeling, like someone has their nuckle placed there. Very tolerable. No visible lump either. Can touch, poke, prod, etc and no issues, but the weird feeling.

Anyway, been going on for 7 weeks now. Dr. told me about 3 years or so ago when this happened that I had a inguinal hernia. Recommended watch and wait. Sensation went away and now back. Examiined me again and confirmed right inguinal hernia. Referred me to surgeon who confirmed RIH but said I also had it bilateral (both sides). Does not do lapro and recommends both to be done at same time. OUCH!

I must admit I'm worried. Most about pain. I had lapro done on my knee (torn meniscus) two years ago it was a snap. Took 2 Percosettes and was done with it as I was stopped up big time. No one ever told me about constipation or need to take stool softners. Anyway, stopped the pain meds, finally could go, and didn't need them anyway.

This surgery is way different and in an area that is more sensitive than a darn knee.

Like you my Dr. explained her method-open repair with Mesh - attached via sutures. She said she does not do laproscopic. I too am split on the two methods mainly for post op recovery time and associated pain. Dr. says open has less chance of recurrence and I've read stuff online that seems to support it.

Because my pain is not severe and I have no visible lump, I'm second guessing the need at all. Both Primary care and surgeon say it won't get better, only worse, and I ought ot have it done now when relatively young and healthy (47, 5'-11", 185#). They both said it could get strangulated and then it's an emergency. The fact I have a weird sensation is symptomatic enough to get it done. east for tehm to say.

Good thing is I have a desk job so not strenuous work. I'm guessing I should be able to go back sooner than others with more physical demands. Not sure what time frame that is. I have plenty of sick leave so that isn't a problem. Not sure how long I should expect to be out. Any help with that estimate? 2-3 weeks? longer????

Bottom line, I'm really nervous and not sure what to do. Open surgery on both sides and associated pain just doesn't sound appealing at all. My 10 year old daughter had bilateral inguinal hernia, open surgery (no mesh) last year and just rolls her eyes and tells me to "man up and grow a pair" as she wasback to school in a week!!!! OK, I admit it, I'm a wimp.

I appreicate any words of wisdom any can offer.

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replied December 2nd, 2011
Experienced User
Just my suggestions based on having an open, non-mesh repair and now suffering from PHPS.

Try core-strengthening exercises. Can be found at the Hernia Bible dot com. This may buy you some time and allow you to keep it in check for many years.

I would NOT suggest bilateral. You need to have at least one good groin side to have a gauge as to what it should feel like and when you think it is not right. It is hard to gauge such things when both sides have been sliced at once.

Try to avoid the mesh if you can. Mesh causes so many problems. I'm sure you have researched this.

If you really do go with mesh, find out what kind and research the hell out of it.

Ask questions, before you sign on the dotted line, about things that may not occur to you - like accountability type questions. If you suffer long term chronic groin pain (I wish this upon nobody), ask the surgeon what she will be doing for you or will she just dump you and pass you off to some pain management doc and be done with you. Ask if she will take the mesh out if it is determined to be causing problems. (You may be shocked with the answers you get. A lot of surgeons will gladly put the mesh in, but will not want to take it out - that takes A LOT of skill and a very delicate hand)

Anyway, don't mean to scare you, but definitely do some thinking and asking around.

Best of luck
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replied December 3rd, 2011
At Zepster:

I have to say get it done. Prolonging ths will diminish the quality of life. And the situation can and will worsen for sure. I really do not regret it. I had the mesh in and was also worried. But talking to my surgeon reassured me of it. I did not have the type of mesh jsed kniwn to me. I did not research it. But the surgeon assured me that he has been performing hundreds of these repairs. I also checked his credentials for days and could not find any negative post about him.

I too worried about the pain post recovery. Honestly it wasnt that bad. The worst is constipation due to pain killers. Had i kniwn i would cold turkey it or take ibprof and suck it up. Its only the first three days that pain is at its worst and after that the ibprof is sufficient.

I liked the open repair method because it takes a very skilled surgeon to insert a mesh thriugh tiny holes which increases the chances of something going wrong. So with an open the surgeon has full line of sight on what he is doing. No guesses or computer screens on that sensitive areA.

My heart goes out to ya for biIlateral Ooouch on that one. One side was stessfull enough. Two will not be fun getting around the house your first few days. I relied on my good side a lot.

But if i had to get both done. So be it.

As of todY its been 5 full months and i STILL. Am not 100%. I feel 90ish.

I continue to work out. Just not at that very extreme level and ni heavy weights. Im done with heavy lifting and extrenous ab work for the foreseeable future.

You will need two weeks. Why stress it. I probably could have returned in 1.5 weeks. At 1 week i was too weak to lug ,a lapt case with large files up and down garages without elevators. 2 weeks was perfect.

I wish you all the luck in whatever decision you take.
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replied January 22nd, 2012
@ activemale
My doc told me that I have hernia on right scrotum size is increased.....It doesn't pain...but still the increase in size bothers me..... He told me to have surgery...I m afraid as i have not gone through any surgery before...... I do not do heavyworkout....I just want to know wen can we go back to normal activities without any discomformts....normal activities such as goin back to work, driving n sex......

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replied January 22nd, 2012
You need to get that repaired. Thats going to get worst. The actual sergury is a piece of cake. Its the recovery that is challenging. Do it. You are diminishing your quality of life if you dont.

Sex is no big deal. You will not be affected st alll.
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replied January 22nd, 2012
Thanks... Its been so long after ur surgery.... How u feel now.....are der ne discomforts now in daily activities.... Cause I read many people review saying they suffer from pain even after years......
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replied January 23rd, 2012
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If it is a smallish hernia and you have had it for a while, and it is giving you no problems, check into the trend that many doctors are starting to recommend called 'Watchful Waiting'. I wish I had done that before quickly jumping into getting mine repaired just because the doctor told me it needed done.

I don't know about the surgery being a "piece of cake". While many general surgeons do this surgery, I would choose a hernia specialist, to increase your success odds, if you decide to go through with this.

Recovery is much longer than what surgeons tell you in the office. They purposefully give you very optimistic numbers as a selling point to get you to agree to the surgery. Actual recovery time, where you feel 100%, can be anywhere from 2 - 6 months, based on your metabolism. And, of course, if you are one of the unfortunate ones that experience lingering chronic groin pain, that can go on longer than six months.

If you are in no immediate danger or pain and truly have your heart set on this surgery, take the time to interview many hernia specialists to find out who you feel the most comfortable with. Then go from there.
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replied January 23rd, 2012
Fuerza-i am 24, wats ur age my scrotum size is big....but I don't have pain or discomforts.....I just want to knie u guys gone through this surgery.....does a person live normal life after sugery recovery....or its life time of pain like people say.... I just wanted to know are there only negative point in this surgery.....every person is posting negative abt the surgery....I kniw ne surgery is not good....but doctor saying surgery for good life in future....- if before after pains are same then wats the use of dad had heart surgery last week...he is told to take 1 month rest....n hernia surgey take more than a month....

My question is can we live normal life after recovery or its life time of pain.... Or are there any lifetime restrictions....
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replied January 23rd, 2012
Ok. I too was very scared about post surgery pain. I read all the negatives out there and went in hoping for the best. I was not at a point where j coukd oick a hernia specialist. That worried me. But i did ask a lot if questuons to my surgeon. I had his name in advance and j researched where he went ti school. Hiw long he has been practicing and if he was licensed my the board if surgeons. I was more concerned about any complaints reported against him.

Thankfully i got a 25 year experienced surgeon that has been performing hundrds of hernia repairs every year. Amongnother repairs too.

The surgery itself is not complicated surgery. You go in then out and the hurt begins when the anesthesia begins to wear out. But by then you have your pain meds and start oopping pills

It is true that recovery time is understated by surgeons. There js ni way that you will feel normal in one month.

Honestly. It has already been Almost 7 months and i can barely say that i niw feel normal again. YesIu have returned to working out. P90x intensive. But I do not do any direct abdominal excercises as i am afraid. But still feel improvements coming around in my core as time slowly drags on.

I also beleive that when things go wrong people blog about that as a form to vent and comolain about their unfortunate experience. That is human nature. When things turn out fine people rarely feel compeled to talk about it.

So i would like to throw my two cents in and say it has been a positive experience nw that i am practically back to normal.

Yes you will suffer the first few months. But for me i ciuld not accept a low standard of life as i am physically active everyday. Without being ab,e to run or lift some weights even light weight it affects me mentally.

So do your homework. Research your surgeon aske him questiins and have it done. That large scrotum will get even larger it will never go back and only get worst.
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