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Inguinal Hernia causing ED problem

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My story begins in 1993. The first Urologist (Dr. A-1993) said the pain I felt in my penis, and subsequent erectile dysfunction was the result of a problem between my ears, not my legs. Since the Urologist was unable to help me, I sought a Dermatologist because the skin under my foreskin was painful and scaling. The Dermatologist had no idea why the foreskin was scaling. However now we know the cause of that scaling, an inguinal hernia is pressing against the internal portion of my penis, causing deformation of erections, pain and constipation if sexual activity is forced. A second Urologist (Dr. B-1994) diagnosed balanitis, and suggested circumcision. There was no improvement after the circumcision. In fact the pain and discomfort was amplified after the circumcision. We were misled by the nerves and the foreskin. A third Urologist (Dr. C-1994) suggested the problem was bacterial prostatitis, and prescribed several antibiotics, with no results. After 6-9 months I researched bacterial prostatitis and learned if treatment was delayed, it becomes a chronic condition and antibiotics will not correct the problem. I became angry and consulted an attorney because I believed the delays caused by (Dr. A) and (Dr. B) caused a permanent condition.

After around a year passed (1995-96), my attorney approached my primary care Physician, without my permission. My primary care Physician told my attorney the cause of my problem was not clear. As a result, my attorney sent me a letter notifying me they were no longer able to represent me. I became blacklisted because I merely consulted an attorney. I never actually filed a lawsuit.

In August 1998, I developed diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis after more than five years of constipation caused by this hernia, I have no doubt. If I force masturbation, I am constipated the next day. The bowel is incarcerated, not strangulated. If I am unable to reduce the hernia within a few days I experience a flare of ulcerative colitis/diverticulitis. I am unable to have sexual intercourse.

In the fall of 2009 I reduced what turned out to be a hernia, serendipitously. I felt a ticklish sliding sensation. I immediately noted a pain-free erection for the first time in over seventeen years. The following day I had my first normal bowel movement in over seventeen years. It was as if I entered a time machine and traveled back in time. Perhaps the problem is not between my ears as (Dr. A) suggested back in 1993?

I sought new medical advice in May of 2010 through (Dr. D). I must now point out that (Dr. D) and (Dr. A) were in the same practice back in 1993. I must have caught (Dr. E) off guard because (Dr. E) agreed I indeed have �the beginnings of a hernia�, after first dismissing my claim as being the result of �too much reading.�

I then saw a general surgeon who was very charming during my first visit and he ordered a CAT scan. When the results of this scan were available, a Doctor covering for my surgeon called me to tell me there was no hernia, but I did have acute diverticulitis and I needed antibiotics ASAP. Then I obtained a copy of the CAT scan report myself and it stated I indeed have a small inguinal hernia and acute diverticulitis. When I returned to my general surgeon for a second visit his demeanor had changed dramatically. The surgeon said upon a second review, the radiologist also indicated an anal hernia (anal prolapse?). He said he wanted a second CAT scan and a colonoscopy to insure the acute diverticulitis was gone. I said I hoped to have the hernia repaired first before the colonoscopy. The surgeon said �Is that your professional opinion?� Then he screamed �Because if I was to put a mesh inside you while you have and infection, THAT WOULD BE MALPRACTICE!� I was stunned and I said �I want to do whatever you want to do.�

After a second CAT scan was performed, without contrast being injected I must add, I was further stunned. My general surgeon assistant called me and left a voice mail stating the hernia was much less noticeable in the second CAT scan, and therefore the Doctor said there is no need to perform the hernia surgery(s). I called his office to schedule another appointment but his staff would not schedule an appointment for me.

Then something remarkable happened. I saw a second general surgeon. The second surgeon asked me �what did (Dr. D) say?� However I never mentioned (Dr. D�s) name to the second surgeon, so how did this second surgeon know about (Dr. D)? The surgeon�s reference to (Dr. D) made it obvious to me that I have been blacklisted.

Then, I went out of town to a third general surgeon, armed with the first CAT scan film showing the hernia. The third surgeon agreed to perform the surgery. However, I almost immediately realized the hernia he repaired must have been a second hernia, not the hernia (Dr. D) laid his hands upon, and not the hernia that has caused me so much pain for so many years. I experienced no groin pain after the surgery, and my problem is in the groin, so this made no sense. I confirmed the mesh the third surgeon installed sits several inched above the area of my problem. When I complained the wrong hernia was addressed, the third surgeon asked me if he could speak directly to the Doctor that detected the hernia, so I complied and gave him (Dr. D�s) name and phone number. After four weeks now, the third general surgeon has not returned my repeated phone calls.

What do you suggest I do now? Do I leave my county? Do I leave my state? Do I leave my country? Do I pay cash, provide a fake name and social security number, and risk be charged with fraud? I don�t know what I should do. I appreciate any recommendations you may have. Please understand three general surgeons where unable to detect the hernia in a physical exam, and only one out of many urologists was able to feel the hernia. So do I see another urologist, a general surgeon or a primary care physician?

Thank you for your attention.
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replied April 6th, 2011
This was not at all helpful
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replied December 2nd, 2011
I think you have to be seen by a Neurosurgeon to check your spine for a herniated disc that compress an abdominal nerve that goes through the left testicle. You'll have to make an MRI scan in order to be properly diagnosed. I have similar symptoms, yesterday I read your story and today I made a visit to a general surgeon. After a double check in a clinical evaluation he demonstrated me that I don't have any inguinal hernia. Today I'm feeling better, maybe the nerve managed to escape somehow but I'm also thinking to visit a neurosurgeon if the problem persist. I didn't speak yet with a neurosurgeon so I may be wrong thinking but my symptoms appeared after I carried some heavy luggages and felt some pain in the left testicle at one point. Good luck and get better soon!
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