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Inguinal Canal Reopened After 29 Years?

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Apparently it is common for men’s Inguinal canals to close over a long period of time if they don’t pull their testicles up into them.
My friend had one close and one stay open.
I only have one testicle so I have no way of knowing the situation on my right side, but my left side, where my testicle is, has definitely been fully closed for as long as I can remember.

I heard that Shaolin monks specifically train to keep the tubes open to avoid damage in a fight, and once they close, they close for good.

I am 29 and about 2 weeks ago, when a sudden chill ran over me, I was shocked to discover my testicle had been pulled entirely inside me for the first time in my life.

How is this possible?
The first time it happened there was a lot of pressure and when it fell back out it literally popped out (and hurt).
Since then there is less pressure and it slides out more slowly. As if the canal is slowly opening more and more.

As I understood it, once that tube is closed, it is closed. You can’t get it back open.
So why would this be happening?
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replied May 11th, 2013
The inguinal canal has the cremaster muscle and the spermatic cord coming down to the testicle so it is not really "closed", just partially stuck together. It should burn when peeled open. A really strong pull from the cremaster muscle could do what you say, maybe like a cramp, and it would be a real surprise. What usually stays tight is the inguinal ring which keeps the testicle outside, and it is flexible and if stretched will let the testicle retract freely, which is the story about the monks which I have never had confirmed, but just ask a kangaroo how his elevators work.
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