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info on self-cathing.

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Hello Yall! Im new here, so let my give a little info on my condition. Im 18 and have had a colostomy since i was born (i was born with SERVERAL abnormalities) ive also had to wear depends (diapers bascially) all my life.

If i sit on the toilet and strain i can little alittle bit out, but then an hour late i change my depend and its full. i dont know what else to do so im looking into self-cathing. i probably should have done this years ago, but none of my doctors ever brought it up so we figured it wouldnt work. i want to go off to college but i definetly dont want to go wearing pullups.

I have a few questions on self-cathing.

1) Does it hurt?
2) Does it take alot of time?
3) Do you have to carry alot of supplies around?
4) Do you need a doctors permission (not really "permission" but a recomendation sortof) to do it?
5) Where do you get the catheders?
6) can you hurt yourself by doing it?

Thank you for taking the time just to read my post. hopefully someone can answer the questions. I would appreciate it alot!
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replied October 21st, 2010
self catheter
Hi. I came across this question by looking for info about my husbands cathing. I see you're female, but I don't think it matters much. From what I am told by my husband and his doctors is that if you do not RELAX, it hurts. You must relax. He gets his catheters from the VA hospital so it is free for him. If you were born with some abnormalities doesn't medicaid help you out? I would think they would supply you with catheters. We have a medical supply store in town and the guy there told me that you do not need a prescription to purchase them but they do cost about a dollar each. I would advise you go over this with your doctor and ask WHY THEY NEVER MENTIONED IT BEFORE. SHeesh. Good Luck. We've stayed infection free by using iodine to sterilize before we cath even though the doctor said a soapy wash cloth is fine. Obviously washing your hands before handling anything helps too.
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