My 2 yr old son tested positive for inflammation in his stool during a recent assumed stomach flu. The post "flu" test also cam back positive for inflammation. The doc is send us for a more detailed stool study. Just wondering what could be causing the inflammation. Can it be from the "flu"? What other conditions could cause this? Just wanna be prepared. Thanks!
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replied March 24th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy
The short answer is I don't know and I suggest you wait for the diagnosis before researching the condition, whatever it turns out to be.

Internet research before the event doesn't really prepare a person and is a recipe for either being complacent or possibly being seriously shocked.

Internet research has helped many people but it must be taken seriously with many articles being read thoroughly and compared with each other and then bouncing ideas off an experienced medic.

If it can't be done thoroughly my advice is don't do it at all.

I hope your young lad is going to be ok.
Good luck!
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