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infertility tips. Lifestyle, diet, prayers anything will do

dear all ,
i am 33 years old and not able to conceive.
please give me any tips to conceive. Lifestyle, diet, prayers anything will do. Dont even think any tip is a stupid tip. May be I dont know about it.?should i try for treatment,do i need to convince my husband who is not so keen on treatment ??...any good clinics in Delhi wud be preferred.

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replied July 4th, 2012
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Have you been diagnosed by a doctor? have you not even been to a doctor yet? have you been trying and just haven't gotten pregnant yet?

You can try a supplement called Fertility Blend For Men, they also have it for woman as well, I've seen allot of great reviews about this product.

It might be a great idea if you visited a doctor, to make sure nothing is wrong, just to be on the safe side.
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replied July 5th, 2012
Firstly you need to speak to your husband regarding this issue since it is also important that he not only accompanies you but also undergoes all tests so that it can be determined where the problem lies.follow below:
Multivitamins - A good quality multivitamin is a must for those trying to conceive and subsequently nurture the growing fetus. Studies indicate that a daily multivitamin can reduce the risk of ovulatory failure, with women taking 6 multivitamin tablets a week being 41% less prone to this condition. Ask your doctor for recommendations
Folic Acid - Women trying to conceive are encouraged to take this B group vitamin to help with fertility and their baby’s health as it can guard against certain birth defects. A commonly recommended amount is 600mcg per day,
If you are looking ahead for treatment then i would like uggest Bourn Hall clinic that specializes in IVF treatment.They are pioneers in IVF and and also does sperm donation,Egg/and embryo freezing. They have a branch in kochi and the another one is in Gurgaon
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replied July 23rd, 2012
First of all if you are trying to conceive over a year and not been successful then you need to consider taking action.
Consult a doctor and get diagnosed.
If you find any problem then instead of going for clinical and invasion methods, first try for natural fertility prescription. There are many people who have gained the fertility or increased fertility through natural ways.Many prescribed exercises and some modifications in day today habits can increase your chances to conceive a baby upto a great extent.
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