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Infertility due to estrogen dominance

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My husband and I have been ttc for over a year now... It's been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I had many months where I could have sworn I was pregnant, (sore breasts, late af, fatigue, nausea, etc...) but wasted a LOT of money on preg-tests I guess, because nothing has happened.
Recently we went to talk to a naturopath and she believes i'm possibly dealing with estrogen dominance, and that that is what is causing my false pregnancy symptoms and my infertility. Being a naturopath, she is having me use herbs... vitex, and natural progesterone cream to help get my hormones balanced... Husband and I are both hopeful... He's 28 and I'm 22 and we're both pretty healthy, other than this hormonal thing...

What I was wondering is, has anyone else out there struggled with estrogen dominance and successfully overcome it? Especially those who are younger, like me? I've read estro-dom. is usually experienced by women in their 30s and 40s...
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replied July 1st, 2010
Hi, am having similar problems like you do. My husband and i have been trying to conceive for over 4 months now and nothing has happened. Every month i get different kinds of pregnancy symptoms and this always gives me the impression that i am pregnant, then my metruation comes.
My metruation has been very irregular, comes after 33 days, 38 days, 42 days, 37 days etc. No consistency. If i have to count it i only have mentruation about 10 times a year. Is this normal?
I have been to a gynachologist and they did some checks on me and concluded that i dont have problems. the doctor said as long as i have my mentruation every month, there is no problem.
I have really try hard to concieve but no success. I really dont know whats going wrong. i am glad to see that someone else is having similar problems.
Is there a way i could get help from anyone outthere?
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replied October 26th, 2012
I've done some reading that estrogen dominance is an imbalance of estrogen in relation to progesterone. You can have low estrogen and still have estrogen dominance if your progesterone levels are relatively lower. Estrogen dominance can also occur if you have high stress in your life and can be linked to adrenal fatigue...which I recently found out in some reading...When your adrenals are fatigued the body will pull progesterone to help produce cortisol...a hormone to combat stress. Funny thing is, I was treating myself for that when I got pregnant with my first child and we got pregnant the first month. When she turned 2 we discovered that she had leukemia...about the same time we wanted to try for our 2nd child. We've been trying over 18 months with no luck. After reading the relation between adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance...guess what I'm going to do again! Treat myself for adrenal fatigue....because I know that my stress back then is nothing compared to what its been since my daughter started leukemia treatment. If my adrenals start functioning better....I think it will quit using up all my progesterone. Fingers crossed!

Back then I was using a Standard Process Licorice root medi-herb, a pregnenolone cream, and B12 vitamins. Standard Process is often sold by chiropracters. Standard Process also sells a cleanse that helps reduce xenoestrogens in the body. Thinking about trying that to start me off. Hope this helps....
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