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Infection or worse? I stopped cleaning helix piercing

PLEASE dont say its an ear canal inflammation. That part is not itchy. I have a helix piercing. I've had it for 3 months. I stopped cleaning and and changed the earring very soon. I got a bump and used 100% tea tree oil to get rid of it. Now it is gone, but I realized my the outer rim of my ear got hard/rough, the skin was peeling, red, and swollen. I have been putting vaseline to make it softer, and its getting there, but my ear is still warm and red. I peeled the skin off. My actual piercing doesnt seem to be infected. Does not hurt. Im cleaning it now will iodine and rubbing alcohol. Any ideas? Right now. My lobe is the only part that is itching. Pain only happened once. Any ideas? Is it serious?
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