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I'm not exactly sure what it is. It's some sort of sore/infection on my butt, not far from the hole. It's not any sort of STD because although I have had sex since then, my first time was well after I first got this sore thing.

It first appeared towards the end of the year of my Junior year in highschool, I remember it being bad during finals. I'm now a college freshman. When it first came it was after I was working hard on a steepish hill clearing out a ton of bamboo and pepper trees. I originally thought it was either somehow an odd bug bite, or a branch or something jabbed me. I'd kind of think if it was either it would have gone away a long time ago though, unless maybe something jabbed me and broke off and got stuck in? even still I think it would heal but I don't know.

It goes through stages of being really irritable and sitting in a normal position can be painful to stages where I don't really notice it as if it was finishing healing and going to be done, but then it comes back. Sometimes its filled with what I believe to be pus, and sometimes it will bleed. Ive only noticed it bleed when I wipe after using the restroom and there is blood on the edge of the toilet paper.(It's far enough away i'm not wiping my own waste into it i'm pretty sure though)

Any ideas? Is my only real option to cash out for a doctor to look at my ass? It's a big embarrassing considering the exact position of it, and I don't exactly have much money either being a college student off on my own.(Probably should have gone in highschool under my parents health insurance "Hey mom, can you take me to the doctor, I have an infection on my ass" but oh well)
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replied February 10th, 2010
any idea? thanks.
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replied February 18th, 2010
Butt pain
It is a boil I get them everynow and then until
you get cut on and have it removed it will keep
coming back what it is is a sack that keeps filling up
then it pops and drains. Then the skin heals and it fills back up
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