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Infection & Discharge after Cervical Cancer

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I finished Chemo & Radiation treatment for stage 2b Cervical Cancer 6 months ago and have since had an excessive watery discharge and now for the past 3 weeks its been a yellowish green and smells Horrible. I went to the Doctor who said I also had green discharge on my cervix and that my cerix was inflamed. Now I have a UTI, Well its almost gone but Im still taking Cipro for it.. Has anyone else had anything like this since their treatments ? I also have pretty bad lower back pain, bloating, Gas and Cramping.. I do feel a bit better from the Cipro but I still have 3 days to go on it..

Thanks so much
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replied October 30th, 2008
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Radiotherapy may produce an increased vaginal discharge.
The treatment is killing the cells which are then being discharged.
This is known as local toxicity due to chemoradiotherapy.
Your cervix is now more vulnerable and susceptible to genital infection, too.
It could be expected for normal vaginal flora balance to be changed due to therapy, too.

Have you been taken sample for microbiological testing?
Do you feel burning sensation when passing urine?
Do you have frequent need to urinate?
Is the discharge with fishy odor?
Do you often get vaginal itchiness?
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