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infant water on the brain

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I have a newborn niece will not eat, urinate,make a bowl movement or even cry. They think it may be water on the brain or "failure to thrive". What can we expect from either of these diagnoses? Mental retardation? Death?
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replied March 15th, 2012
Under developed brain / water on the brain on infants
I have a 14 week old baby who has been diagnosed with hydrocaphlaus or water on the brain, but it is because her brain did not develope fully - only approx. 1/3 of it. She also has seizures and vision imparement but we do not know to what extent? The doctors could not tell me how she is going to develop or what we can expect from her, but she has recently started smiling at me, sucking her hands and lifting her head on my chest. I do know she will be delayed but am also trying to find out to what extent if anyone has had any similar experience or information I would really love to hear it. I was also told she could have a shorter life expentancy but because her condition in not associated with any group or syndrome I could not get any answers.
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