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indent in right upper shoulder

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I have an indent in my right upper shoulder. It is sore and feels like I have lifted weights. It looks slightly bruised and if I rub down it goes into a quarter size knot right next to the indent.
I used to be a triathlete until a car accident I am very limited on what I can do. I received two herniated disc in my neck and pinched siatic in my right side of my lower back. I went to a general practioner and he told me the indent was from my rapid weight gain of 10 lbs and that it was cellulite? (if that is the case why does it hurt and is very sore to put my finger in the indent).

I am going to go to a doctor this week but am not sure what type of doctor to see, can you suggest the type of physician I should seek out?

Thank you
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replied February 15th, 2010
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This same thing happened to my cousin. It was a knot and it was painful to the touch. I would see a good Neurologist because this could be connected to nerves and tissue. I forget what she called it. All she knows is the lidocain patches help calm it down. you could probably get a few samples from a pain management Doctor just to try them out because they are very expensive. I know that cellulite can cause indentions but I never heard of them being painful and knotting up like that. Not saying that this does not happen but never heard of that..I would not think that 10 pounds would cause you to have a painfull not, since you have already had a herniated disc, I would believe that this is nerve related. Hope you find something out..Keep me posted..Im curious..Good Luck!!
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