Had a beautiful baby boy early Dec. 31st
Was due the 28th
Dillemia is I had 2 partners one on March 27th
One on April 5th
The one from April would be a great dad where as the one from March would want nothing to do with my son which would be heart breaking to me.
I was 17w 3 days when I had my first dating scan setting my due date
I had a second at another location that put me only 2 days behind my original Edd at 21 weeks
My last scan before delivery was 38 weeks where I measured 2.5 weeks behind and they said the baby measured at 6lb4ounce
He was born at 6lb 1.8 ounces so my last scan was wrong which worries me they all were wrong based off finding out so late.
This has been on my mind everyday I would really appreciate any input as to who the father most likely would be
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replied February 15th, 2017
Extremely eHealthy
Your two encounters were in the same menstrual cycle. Based on the due date and birth date it appears that ovulation was close to April 5th, your last period about March 22nd thru 27th. On this basis the April 5th guy is the more likely father, but a paternity test is the only way you are going to set your mind at ease.
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