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Increasing Orgasm Intensity

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Hi all, I am 33 yrs old and I have noticed that over the last few years the intensity of my orgasms has decreased. This has seemed to coincide with the forcefulness of my ejaculations also decreasing. In speaking of this kind of stuff over typical male beer talk, I get the feeling I am unique for my age group in this regard. Everyone else seems to shoot great distances. I have never been a porn style shooter, but now it just dribbles out 70% of the time, and the orgasm is less pleasurable. I did some research and learned of Kegel exercises to increase the strength of my PC muscles and thus increase orgasm intensity and ejaculation force. The theory being that the longer your own muscles can hold in the ejaculate, the more rewarding the orgasm, and the more forceful the ejaculation is (let me know if this is faulted logic, but it seems to be the case with me). Anyway, Kegels helped a bit, but in the end I lost patience and gave up. Not to mention, I was sick and tired of doing them and pretending to act normal while watching TV with my wife! But now I have stumbled across a new method, that works instantly and is incredibly effective, and I wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with this. Regardless of whether you are having sex or masterbating, immediately prior to cumming (takes a bit to get your timing down), you stop jerking and simply pinch your penis just below the head with only enough force to prevent ejaculation. In effect, your fingers are acting as your PC muscle. You don't pinch very long, just a second or two, or else the ejaculate never comes out and heads back down the penis into your bladder (or some other part of your body). Then you release the pinch, and in my case no further jerking is necessary, it just blows out. Anyway, with a bit of practise I have managed to gently delay ejaculation just enough to build up rather significant force and increased pleasure. It truly is remarkable. I am now having intense orgasms and shooting my cum further then I ever have.

Thoughts??? I would encourage anyone, no matter how great their current orgasms are, to try this.
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replied January 13th, 2011
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thank you for the sharing I will be looking forward to trying this! I'm young but hardly ever find the orgasms "worth it"
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