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Increased value of Nse tumor marker

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Hello, the question is about a man 39 years old, serious smoker. He has cough ( more atypical than before of my opinion) and incereaed value of NSE tumor marker in the profilactic measurements of all the tumors markers
Nse value- 19.46 ng/ml in refer. Values < 16.3
Other tumor markers are as following;
Total Psa - 1.09 ng/ml in ref. Values < 4.00
AFP - 1.5 ngml in ref. Values < 8.78
Ca72-4 - 1.05 u/ml in ref. Values < 6.0
Cyfra 21-1 - 2.19 ng/ml in ref.values < 7.7
Cea- 1.81 ng/ml in ref . Values< 5.00 for non-smokers and < 10.00 for smokers
CA 19-9 - 4.66 u/ml in ref. Values < 37

My question does the High Nse value shows that there is lung cancer ?
Thank you
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