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In relationship w/Alcoholic.

Been in relationship for close to a year w/bf who has been an alcoholic most of his life...he is 60. I had no knowledge of this prior to dating him. This is the first experience I have had up close and personal with an alcoholic. He has lied many times, vehemently telling me he is no longer drinking. Recently was in the hospital for a concussion and dried out and I was there through it all. It's not something I want to witness again. In less than 2 months he was drinking again. He was told if he didn't quite, it would kill him. From what I've read, there is absolutely nothing I can do to help him quit. It has to come from within him. I told him after the hospital stay if he started to drink again, I was done. Obviously, that didn't happen. I care for him deeply, but my gut is telling me I should break it off. I'm having a difficult time coming to terms leaving someone while they are dealing with a disease. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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replied August 1st, 2014
It is a most difficult time one has in her relationships. I support your feelings of getting emotional attached with a person, but what else you can do if he is not quitting alcohol, see you can not do anything other than explaining him how much you love him and he has to quit drinking if he loves you. I don't think this relationship is worth it if he doesn't quit drinking.
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