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In quite the Pickle with Love

SO I have been broken up with someone for sometime now, enough time to be able to start getting on my feet again, which slowly I have accomplished. However, he seems to be coming back through text messages. I am a very kind person and I do not want to yell or swear. He broke up with me after 2 and a half years. It was a long distance situation. He began to have an issue with the distance just recently. Now he might be dating someone there, potentially because it is easier. He is also a very nice person, however, the last couple of months have proven otherwise. I would just like some advice. He texts me often and crys about us and that blah blah blah you know the regular bull****.It is a constant tug of war and somedays i am so exhausted. Why do men change? we are fairly young, early 20's so I understand commitment issues but I think its an excuse. If you have any advice at all I would appreciate it emensly. I need wisdom of age.
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replied May 25th, 2009
my ex of 5 years was always confused. his excuse was he hasnt been with a lot of women, so when one tried to talk to him he looses his head.
at that time deep down inside he wanted to date other pretty women, but keep me around incase i am the best, he didnt want to loose that.

if you were his best and he dates someone crumy after you, he's going to think about his best (you).

i dont think me change it's just that we have to figure out who they are and think with our minds not just our hearts if this is the person we really want to be with.

for example if i go back to my ex i know he would be menatally unstable, want me one day, and dont the next b/c of another women.

unless he had this major change in his life and he is a different person. i wouldn't even talk to him. he had his chance. especially if you think your feelings will get tangled up with get back with him and you will be reminded of why you broke up with him.

my current b/f travels and he is away a lot. i love him very much and i cant picture myself w/o him. you need to be with someone who feels this way about you.
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