Hey guys,

So I have some bumps that have formed on either side of the base of my penis where it flattens out and goes down to my scrotum as well as a few very tiny ones on either side of my penis.

I grow a little bit of hair on the actual penis and typically run my electronic razer up/down it as well as sometimes the standard razer.

I shave down there somewhat regularly and most of the bumps on the lower part very clearly have a hair protruding from them. It’s the ones of the side of the penis that catch me off guard. I mean the spot from wince the hair throws there is very small so that could be why there’s little tiny bumps instead of the larger ones I typically see with an ingrown hair.

One of them looks to be forming a pretty standard looking ingrown hair boil while the others are just red bumps. Been there for at least a week or two now.
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