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Impotent husband after prostate cancer/radioactive seed treatmen

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I am 52 and my husband is 58 yrs old. After he was treated with radioactive seeds to remove his prostate cancer, he is hopelessly impotent. Although he can achieve a spongy, half erection, it doesn't seem to matter to him because he just isn't interested in any form of sex anymore. I can't help but to feel his lack of lubeto is more psychological than physical. I'm not quite sure if he's embarrassed, or just plain uninterested. Before he was dx'd with P.C. we had a very active sex life, even after 15 years of marriage, but now, nothing. I sometimes feel angry that he isn't even willing to take care of me sexually, knowing full well that if he starts any oral sex at all, he's bound to get into it, and want some too. What do you think is going on with him? He's been cancer free for 3 or 4 years now, and we are usually very honest with each other about everything else, except this. He just doesn't seem to want to talk about it, or even try. I would ask if it's me, but I know it isn't, I am very careful with the subject, and never show my anger about it. I'm just at my wits end about it. I still love sex and I'm not ready to give it up, but I love my husband and wouldn't cheat on him either. Help!!!!!!!! Question
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