So this morning I woke up feeling fine and then all of a sudden I started having cramps/bleeding. If this is my period it would be more than a week early *about ten days, can't remember the exact day my last period started*.
I am underweight so I am used to having late periods that are generally very short.
After I started bleeding I went online to look up the reasons why I would have an early period and the first few sites I looked at were all about implantation bleeding.
What I am experiencing is really unusual for me. Normally I start really heavy, but I am really light and there is a lot of brown vs. the normal red that occurs during the first few days of my period.
Last week I took two ridiculously long naps and have been going to bed early. I have had dizzy spells *but am used to them because its not unusual for me to get them*.
I am not bloated. In fact I usually get up to 112 pounds right before my period but am currently at 108 and have been for several days now.
I have been getting mild headaches and back pain for the last week now as well though both have been generally very mild.
Oh, and when one of my cats decided to stroll across my chest this morning it hurt like crazy, and have been tender. But they don't seem as large as they normally get when I'm on my period.
I'm so confused due to the fact that it is so early and I'm having these mixed signals which are so often related to getting my period but are unusual for me personally.
Also... yesterday I started crying after I read an article. Normally it takes a lot for me to cry and I have to be at wits end but I was perfectly fine and then all of the sudden I'm crying...
I know if I took a pregnancy test so soon it would come out negative so I am just looking for advice or people with experience. I know implantation bleeding only occurs in one third of women also. But no matter how much i looked it up there was no typical type of woman who would get implantation bleeding.
And its really been hard to find any information about whether symptoms of pregnancy are different in underweight women.
Any thoughts or advice would be really useful. Thanks (:
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replied May 5th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
Hi sweetie.

If what you're experiencing is caused by pregnancy, the buildup of pregnancy hormones is causing it. This is the same hormone that is tested by a pregnancy test. I highly suggest taking one. If it's negative, what you've been experiencing is unrelated to pregnancy.

With my first pregnancy I experienced implantation bleeding, but it was literally just a tiny bit of blood that was only there when I wiped. It could not be mistaken for a period, and was not accompanied by cramps. I obviously don't know you and so I can't say for sure, but it sounds like you might have gotten your period earlier than normal. If irregular periods are normal for you, perhaps it's time to speak to your doctor about regulating your cycle with birth control.

I'm also considered underweight. I'm 5'4" and normally around 105 pounds. This is my second pregnancy, and things have gone just as normally for me as they've gone for other women on this forum. I don't believe symptoms are different for underweight women unless you're extremely underweight (90 pounds or less, I'm thinking). If you are pregnant however, it's extremely important that you monitor your diet closely and take prenatal vitamins to ensure your body is properly nourished.

Good luck. You can contact me any time if you have any questions.
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replied June 5th, 2009
Wud i be pregnant
Hi there,

i hav bin doing sum research myself about pregnancy & all. This morning i woke up with sum cramps, as tho am gona have my period, which is only suppose to cum some time next week. Then when i went to the loo for a number one, when i wiped, some redish stuff came out, as tho am gona have my menses, but that was it, and last night i had to take a bath becos it was very ichy down there, with some brown discharge.

Now this morning am feeling VERY puky & am trying to ignore that, but cant take it no more:(

Wud i be pregnant?

Oh, & my boobs, somewhat feel a bit tender & sore, not heavy yet
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replied March 19th, 2010

i m swwety here, i m at 8 dpo and today when i wiped i find very very small brownish tinched discharge. from last 1 or 2 days i feel some pressure like symptoms on my rectum, it seems something heavy kept on my rectum. yesterday i also feel very small cramps on my pubis region. i felt heavy and tender breast during my ovulation time but now it is okey no tenderness. i dont know the reason...
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