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Implantation? Pink spotting then medium red flow then pink again

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Ok, I have NEVER had a period without cramps and definitely not with pink spotting beforehand with no cramps! Let me give you some symptoms over the past week leading up to the most abnormal period of my life or maybe implantation?

My cycle is about 30 - 32 days long and my last period was 6/28/2013
I have 2 healthy children already which I had no problem getting pregnant with them and had no complications whatsoever.
I have had one past abortion 2-3 years ago due to an IUD issue.
My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex almost every day this month or at least every other day.
I have had weird bubbly feelings in my uterus since about a week and a half ago and have had slight nausea, sore breasts, extreme fatigue, super human smell, and unusual hunger. I was also weirdly protective of my abdomen / stomach area when playing with my boyfriend.
On 7/27 I started barely spotting with light pink blood all day. I have NEVER spotted before periods especially light pink blood. I took a HPT that morning also and BFN. The light pink blood lasted until late that evening when I started having some heavy cramps after my boyfriend and I had sex. I laid down and had to get up to pee and when I did I had a medium flow of red and brown blood. I noticed it was not extremely heavy like my periods usually are so I put on a pad instead of a tampon. When I woke up the next morning 7/28 there was blood (like a period) on the pad but nothing like it usually is. This time, I put a tampon in and when I went to check the tampon 4 hours later there was nothing on it! I also had NO cramps all day. Usually my period always starts full force with bad cramps and a heavy flow that last until day 3.
Later that night it started again (light again) and today it was medium flow (both red and brown blood) and I passed one huge clot I noticed around two pm. Also, no cramps at all. Then tonight it stopped again and has become only pink light spotting.
So in the course of 2 days and one night I have had literally only 12-18 hours of flow and maybe 4-5 tampons total. I have not soaked one single tampon which I normally do. Sorry if TMI in all this...
What I find odd is I've had implantation bleeding before with both my previous pregnancy and neither were bright red blood mixed with pink spotting. It was mostly brown blood with them and very light. So, as pregnant as I may feel I am unsure this is implantation bleeding or not.
Also - I took another HPT earlier today (just to check because of the weird flow) and BFN.
I'm extremely confused! I'm not under any stress at all and I FELT pregnant and still feel pregnant but negative HPT's and the sign of bright red blood and the one clot point to not being pregnant.
I also have some pain in the upper right of my uterus that kind of feels like a UTI but when I have to pee I definitely pee! It's not like a UTI.
My uterus hurts and feels heavy! I'm worried about a possible infection also but would like to rule out pregnancy before having to spend money on the doctor.

Does anyone have ANY idea what this could be? If it might possibly be implantation or has anyone experienced anything similar?
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replied April 30th, 2016
Welcome to e health forum.

The bleeding you had could be your regular periods or mid cycle bleeding (due to minor hormonal changes) or possible implantation bleeding.

It is very difficult to differentiate between regular periods, mid cycle bleeding (due to minor hormonal changes) and possible implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding - This is seen in 33 % women who are sexually active, and seen about 5-10 days after conception. The bleeding is scant and colored pinkish or brown. This bleeding can sometimes confuse women who think that their period has come early, but only realize they are pregnant weeks later. If you think you are pregnant, it would be recommended to get a home pregnancy test to clear your doubts.

I hope this helps.

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