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my lmp was October 17, 09, i have a 38 day cycle. my periods are irregular and i have pcos.
Now, sometimes i spontaneously ovulate
Well my ovulation days would have been between Nov 5 and Nov 11.
My period is Due around Nov. 23 or 24.
My boyfriend and i did have intercourse during my fertile days. and today just about an exact week before my period is due i started spotting. light pink blood at first which was at 11pm on monday night, and then on tuesday the blood got a little darker. i'm wearing a panty liner just in case but its not actually "leaking" from me, mostly when i wipe. I'm sure you heard this question a millions times before, its just with the pcos, hormonal imbalance and then actually being pregnant i wanted to see the possibilities. but let me just say I NEVER spot at all before a period. my body warns me with cramps and within a day or two it'll show. and with this i had no cramps. i just woke up on monday night to use the bathroom and a spot of blood was there. Now just to talk some more...a few years ago i feel pregnant. I had the same experience with the light bleeding...not much at all. but unfortunately i m/c. just wondering thank you.
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replied November 17th, 2009
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If you have irregular periods/PCOS, you don't know when your ovulation would be. I see you have a 6 day window of when you potentially could have ovulated. If your cycles are consistently 38 days, your ovulation would have been on the 10th. Women ovulate 14 days PRIOR the their next period. If your period are not always the same (ie, 28 days this month, 36 days next month, 30 days the following month), you can't ever pinpoint your ovulation.

But, with PCOS, you know all this already. Take a test when your period is late.
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replied November 20th, 2009
Im going thru something similar i also have lmp was october 27th which came early i had sex oct 16, 17 and 19th and then on the 20th i started my period which was a little lighter then normal it last the normal amount of days. Then on Nov 7th i went to the bathroom and i had a red spot. For 3 days after that it was a bright pink color only when i wiped and i had sex on Nov 12th but i continued to spot but then it turn to a brown color. I had sex Nov 18th also. I went to the doc on Nov 13 and told my gyn about what was going on but she really didnt say much. I've actually been trying to get pregnant. Im just planning on waiting it out to see if i actually get a period this month. I wonder if i could be pregnant?
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