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Implantation Bleeding

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Hello, and thank you for your help. I'm 17 yrs old and I have a boyfriend right. . . we was having "dry sex" and I didn't have my underwear (he had his on) and his underwear had a little bit of "pre-cum" , it was real small, like a little spot. He never ejaculated and we never got into direct contact but I am really concerned I might be pregnant because I've missed two months in a row. I've been cramping at times but no period, just the pain.

Also, there's a couple of stuff to be considered. For example, i'm taking a medication for chest pains and I read on the web that it causes irregularity. I've also experienced breast tenderness (which I think is due to the way I sleep). Previously I also had a little pinkish blood come down but it wasn't like my regular period, it lasted for about 5 days but it wasn't consistent (I think this was due to me masturbating, because it was the first time) Can this be that I really am pregnant or is it just coincidence ???
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