Nearly a year ago, my brother results showed that he has cholestrol problem. He was on medication for a month and then he stopped as he thinks that he does not need to take this medication on daily basis. My father and all his siblings taking high blood pressure and cholestrol medication.

My brother is 33 years old + smokes + 0 excercise.

Can anyone provide provide key symptoms of high cholestrol and impact of not taking medicine.

I guees, list of symptoms will help him understand that his body is not functioning properly. He must take medication Smile)

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replied September 9th, 2009
high blood pressure and high cholesterol is a silent killer. that means you dont have any symptoms, you can just suddenly have a heart attach or stroke and possibly die from it.
if your brother doesnt want to take his medication for cholesterol, he doesnt have to. i have read so much information about herbs that helps lower your cholesterol. you should research this for your brother and see if he feels better taking herbs.

but what will happen if he has high cholesterol is the arteries of his heart can get clogged with a waxy film (cholesterol) and this can cause a stroke or worse. the medicine keeps this from happening.
is he eating right, staying away from greesy food and fast food?
why did he stop taking his medication?
i am a female and i take meds. for high blood and high cholesterol, and i know it kills your sex drive. but i dont have to worry about going to the hospital for a stroke.
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