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Immunity. should I get the shot again? I'm Worried

So I had my MMR vaccine done when I was a kid and had to get titers done recently to work in a hospital, they came back low for measles and rubella, I got a booster shot and just had my blood drawn, 6 weeks between getting the vaccine and the blood result, now just my rubeola is low ( measles ) should I get the shot again? I'm Worried it's not working. Also I had a similar issue with varicella ( chicken pox) which I never had i kept getting vaccines till I got immunity which took about 3 or 4 vaccines but now it's coming up low again idk what to do please help.
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replied January 24th, 2018
Abormal titer
Some people seem to be less responsive to vaccines then others and maybe you are one of them. Do you have any history of a weakened immune system? If so, your immune system may not be responding to the vaccines. You can also consider getting tested through another laboratory to confirm that your MMR titer results are actually accurate. Hope that helps.
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