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Immune system recovery and mono

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I had mono 2 summers ago. It was a pretty bad case and took me while to get over, and ever since I've had tons of strange health problems I never had before that won't go away. After mono it did seem though as if my immune system recovered because I only got a few colds...but since last October I've gotten sick almost every single month. And alot of the times when I get sick it feels JUST like when I had mono. My lymph nodes ache, I get this god awful headache and am just completely lethargic. I get a fever most of the time too..Could this be mono relapsing, or is it mono that destroyed my immune system? I don't know if I should go to the doctor or not..Anyone had a similar experience, and any advice?
I've tried taking vitamins, sleeping more, and changing my diet. Nothing works. I get near anyone who has any illness and I pick it up immediately
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First Helper vps108

replied March 27th, 2010
I keep getting mono
I had mono over 5 years ago now and it seems to keep coming back. I used to be a long distance runner, but every time I try to train I will fall back into the same symptoms of super high fever, sensitivity to light, and lethargy. I still always have white spots in my throat to back up my claims. I've gone through it at least 5 times now and it's driving me insane.
The only thing that works for me is to not run. Unfortunately that's my passion and I keep giving it a try once I feel better again. I never actually went to the doctor again because I don't want to have to pay to hear a diagnosis for something that has no cure. It doesn't seem helpful.
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