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Imaginary worlds & talking to myself

Hi guys,

I'm not sure why I'm writing this exactly, I think it's just that I'd enjoy some other peoples perspective as I've never told this to anyone.

Since I was a child I have enjoyed vast imaginary worlds, creating them in my head and playing pretend (as all children do) but it's stuck as I've gotten older. I'm now 21, female.

Now, I only occupy 1 fantasy world but it's one which I have ever expending to since I was 10/11. It began with an anime show on TV at the time, I took several characters from it and built on them until they finally were dissociated with the show and became all mine. I've created back stories, romantic ties, families, personality quirks etc for every character... and there are a lot of characters. I act things out in real life as well as fantasise in my head, like I act scenarios out and hold full conversations without even thinking. I voice every character and can switch characters instantly to carry on the conversation.

I was lonely for a long time in my life - always more of an introvert and enjoyed my own company - and I was sometimes reduced to tears by the fact I felt like I had no good friends; I believe this is why I fantasied so much. I'm at uni at the moment and now I do have friends, and even live with a long-term boyfriend but I still talk to myself constantly and 'play pretend.' My boyfriend doesn't even know I do this. 70% of the time I'm listening to music whilst I do this but if no-one's in the house I can do it without any stimulus... I even do it washing up.

Now this doesn't bother me, in fact I love the fact that I'm able to fantasise to this degree. In the past I was concerned as I thought it was abnormal (even now I'm not sure exactly 'what' it is or if it even has a name) but now I've learnt to just go with it. It makes me happy and stops me feeling down on those particularly lonely days.

Does anyone have any opinions? Or do this themselves?

Thanks for reading Smile
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First Helper kstro12

replied May 14th, 2013
Thats not big problem.. Its good you love yourself.. and enjoy.
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replied May 17th, 2013
Hi kstro12,

I was reading your post and thought wow..I never knew someone else did that too! It is a little different for me. I also borrowed from Tv shows or from books or movies. The only difference is that I didn't do this in the real world. It is all in my mind. I started when I was young and still find myself doing it.

I grew up in a very abusive home. I was also very shy. It left me feeling very lonely, different, scared, and with a need to escape. I created my fantasies to go away. The only way I could do this was my beloved characters from my tv shows and later from my favorite books or movies. I would take my favorite characters from all of them and build them into one world and that is where I would go a lot. But it helped me dissociate. I do have dissociative identity disorder, so I can easily slip away.

But it has become more than that. I find that I like that world. It's fun visiting it. Especially if I am feeling down or lonely. So while we may do it for different reasons..I just wanted to let you know your not alone.
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