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im very confused, i just want to talk to someone

My name is david. im 21 years old and i have completely fallen apart. I have a few things in my life that are bothering me, but i just want to talk about the one that is ruining me. My girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?) has only been with me for 6 months, its been a rocky road but its the happiest ive been in my life. she is moving to tyler for a custody battle with her daughter, which is all good and fine. but she has been taking me on a roller coaster ride. everytie she leaves town to go see her daughter, she never calls me, we sometimes talk on yahoo im, and i sometimes call her but thats it. this time she left for christmas, she left on the 15th and is supposed to come back on the 5th of january. while she was gone she told me she had to move back to tyler, which is 3 hours away from here. but said she wanted to stay together. but whats so confusing is that seems to change every day, sometimes when i talk to her she is fairly warm and sounds happy to hear from me, other times she rushes me off and acts like its a burden. now its gotten to the point where she stays invisible all the time on yahoo im im guessing so she can ignore me. i recently had to go to the hospital because i tried to overdose over all this stupid crap. this is my first serious relationship, and i have a very unhealthy attraction to her, im very co-dependent. i feel like she is just playing games with me now, and i cant go on living like this, but i cant end my life either. i know this is all very silly and immature, but i just cant get over this. thank you to anyone that took the time to read this.
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replied January 2nd, 2011
She's playing games with you, as you said, and it's becoming dangerous. Why would you want to end your life and give up all the experiences it brings, because of a woman that doesn't care about you at all? Since it's your first serious relationship, I can somewhat understand your intensive attraction to her, but thoughts of suicide are a serious thing, and you should definitely consider seeing an expert who would help you a lot more than people online (no offense to this forum Smile ). Wake up, at the age of 21 your adult life is at its very beginning, many opportunities will come along the way, and that includes women as well.

Good luck, I hope I helped.
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