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im scare that i could got girl preg.

i am worried about me getting a girl pregnant and so is she i need some answer plz

so first,,, we had oral,,,
here r some info

1.she was on her time of month
and she said her flow is monderate heavy or something idk what that means but ya
2. she had her tampon in
3. she had her pantie on,, it was laced and ya,,,there was like little tiny tiny very tiny holes u know from the fabric u know ,,,

so my penis didn't touch her vagina,,, but i cum on her pantie,,,,, and she was wet,,, and after tat she put her pants (jeans) back on and she said she took them off and took a bath...

i been searching and heard it can cause her to get pregnant,,, i don't think the semen went through her pantie and into her vagina ,,,

but she did wore her jean back on for idk like 30 min,,,, or more,,,(and they r hmmm i think pretty tight jeans u know how girls wear them)

idk its first time for both of us,,, and we r freaking out,,, should i buy birth control and give it to her? to be safe...
and will that like reduce the chance of her getting preg,, if so by what %??

and plz i need info u know i feel horrible,, and scared ...

ps.. get her birth control or plan b something pill?
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replied June 26th, 2012
To answer your question, I think the likelyhood that she is pregnant is very low. Firstly, it is very low likelyhood that she can get pregnant during her time of the month. Secondly, the likelihood she got pregnant through her pats is NOT zero, but it is low.
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replied June 29th, 2012
dont fall for the i think im preggo trick doll having oral sex cannot get no body preagnant only if sperm touches the vaginal area but with underwear and tampon on i dnt think so so shes not preggo
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