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Im maya , fine hair , hair extensions

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Hey Im maya, i have really fine hair its healthy and i do really take care of it but its just bothering me now. Before I use to wear like head bands and so and make it look funky then i used hair extensions fully for 2 years ( which ruined my hair :( ) it was because i was too worried and fid up of always thinking about my hair and well having the extensions made me happy and at least it looked full.
Now i wear a wig, actually im like a proffessional, I wore alot of styles and now im just sticking to one.
But i need help. What should I do? What should I take?
Should I do plastic sugery?
Should I do a hair transplantation?
Im just really fid up about this subject. My fionce understands and he supports me along the way he doesnt really care but really im just fid up I dont want like sometimes im always checking myself on the mirrior it doesnt mean im silly or i want to look perfect NO its just somtimes i need to check if the wig looks natural... and somtimes i cry just fid up...

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